Mike Tyson Seized the Business Opportunity that Is Legalized Marijuana in California

Mike Tyson Ranch

Marijuana has been legal in California for years now, as a medicinal herb which has been proven to help with numerous conditions. However, with the new year, California legalized the recreational use of marijuana for anyone older than 21. Where some saw a potential problem and degradation of the moral fiber of the society, others saw an opportunity. The novelty of legal marijuana and the overall popularity it has in the media and entertainment, getting in the weed business on the ground level sounds like an excellent idea. The famous/infamous boxer and celebrity Mike Tyson did just that – as early as December 20, the former heavy weight boxing champion broke ground on the compound aptly named ͚’Tyson Ranch’


The pot farm is somewhat out of the way, in the infamous California City, a failed development project in the California desert. The ranch spans 40 acres and it is said to have the capability to revitalize the interest in the California City. The location of the ranch is also fairly close to the Edwards Air Force Base, which is said to be a deliberate move on Tyson͛s part, hoping to provide jobs to former military personnel and veterans.


The total area of the ranch is 40 acres, but not all of it will be dedicated to growing the plant. It is planned to allocate 20 acres for this purpose, which is plenty in itself. The rest of the land will house numerous marijuana-related amenities. One of the most lauded features is the Tyson Cultivation School, which should teach future marijuana growers how to grow the best strains and the newest techniques for optimal growing. Aside from that, the ranch will also have a supply store and factories for extraction of THC and CBD, as well as an edibles factory. Apart from the production area, there will also be campgrounds and some cabins for the enthusiasts as well as an amphitheater for various presentations and talks.

Why Is Tyson Doing This?

A lot of people who read the news commented that Tyson is just jumping on the bandwagon and cashing in on the opportunity. However, Tyson has been a longtime supporter and believer in the medicinal use of marijuana. In the light of that information, it is only a logical step forward for the heavy weight champion. One of the most prominent goals of the Tyson Holistic, the company created to run the ranch, is to provide help to people suffering from psychological consequences from their military services. It͛s no wonder, then, that the facility is located close to a military installation.

Medicinal Benefits of Marijuana

There are numerous articles written on this topic, but it needs to be reiterated how much medicinal marijuana has helped people with various medical conditions. Anything from glaucoma to chronic pain and epilepsy have been shown to be treated by marijuana or some derivate of it. Tyson͛s aim is to invest a portion of the profits in additional research into the medicinal uses of the plant. More specifically, he is interested in the compound called CBD. This substance has no psychoactive properties but shows great potential for medicinal purposes. Legal dispensaries like https://www.peoplesorangecounty.com/ have been working with both doctors and patients for years to produce better strains and offer the best possible treatment to those in need.

Legal Marijuana Market Is Huge

The legalization of the recreational use of marijuana is a move which makes this business venture more and more viable, so the timing of Tyson͛s decision is a surprise to no one. However, the legal marijuana market has grossed nearly $10 billion in 2017 and is estimated to increase to as much as $25 billion in 2018.California is one of the few states which have legalized marijuana, but it is by far the most populous, which explains the huge spike in the expected revenue.

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