Preparation of Oil Capsules

Cannabis Alchemy

by D.Gold

thc capsules

Capsules of oil for oral ingestion (sometimes called pot pills) are prepared by first mixing the purified oil with an equal amount of butter. The butterfat carries the oil through the membranes of the stomach and intestine. The oil and butter mixture is buffed into two volumes of marijuana, parsley, lactose, or any edible inert powder, and then stuffed into large gelatin capsules.

4 comments to Preparation of Oil Capsules

  • Anonymous

    They go for like 5 a pop. But if you the only supply you can probably get up to 15 a peice. Theyre only gonna be 30mg tops and a proper brownie has around 100mg. Itll still get you wrecked out you, but id take maybe 2 to start

  • Matt

    Is this hash oil or a baked good because the high is different

  • jon hamilton

    hey i just came across some of these, im from ohio so i cant find anyone that knows about them. i did some research but the picture you have looks exactly like the ones i got. just wondering what do they actually sell for?? ive got about 50.. i weighed them and they are all at .7 if you can help with any info id appreciate. thanks jon

  • So, is the final product a thick liquid of Butter mixed with Oil, or with the buffering is it a powder or paste? I am a little confused.

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