The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

marijuana bush

Some people like to keep their plants small and wide. Cannabis plants are great for making bushes with. It is a simple process. During the 3rd week of vegetative growth prune half the plants branches and leave the other half. Never remove all the branches. Cannabis plants need at least 50% of the leaves to continue growing without stunting problems. If you go less that 50% you may stunt your plant. Do not prune just one side of the plant. Prune per side to achieve the 50%. You may also prune the main top cola if you wish the cola to split into two or more parts.

Wait until the 4th of 5th week of vegetative growth and prune the other half. (Only do this if the prune cuts you previously made have grown new branches and leaves.)

marijuana bush

During the seventh week of vegetative growth you will notice that your plant has become more concerned with growing outwards than with growing upwards.

Let us pretend that we have a plant with 8 shoots. That means it is 4 nodes high. We perform our pruning as described and we end up with 16 shoots, but our plant is still 4 nodes high. Now this does not mean that we can keep doubling our shoots forever. Pruning just pushes the plant to grow all its shoots early. If you keep pruning up until the eighth week of vegetative growth with a plant that is 4 nodes high, the most amount of shoots you will get will be about 32. They do not really go beyond this factor much, but again this is strain dependent. Now each new shoot has a junction point or a node that it grew out from. Each node should produce some bud during the flowering stages. It is more than possible to create a marijuana plant that droops down over the sides hiding the pot. Not only that but different strains grow in different sizes. It is more than possible, with the right strain, to have a single plant cover an entire desk using this method.

Cannabis Grow Bible

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