Cabinet Growing

The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

cabinet marijuana grow

To define this is going to be no easy task. A cabinet can be your hot press, small closet, an old refrigerator, a box, a press, or a simple cupboard will do. The grow area is usually small and can accommodate 1 to 4 plants at a time. The idea behind a cabinet grow is to keep a cycle of plants growing at all times. There are three things a cabinet needs to get started, and these are: the Cabinet, a Light, and an air vent with fan.

Most people simply set up their lights so that it is adjustable. They do this by using adjustable chains or a spring-type cord. A large hole is made in the unit to allow some air to get in. Another hole is made to allow air to escape. A fan is placed in one of the holes that will extract the hot air which is being generated by the heat from the bulb. This vent and fan would be near the top of the cabinet near the light. Hot air rises and that is why it is placed there up top. The intake hole is on opposite side of grow area and can have a fan in it also. This fan is generally moving a bit quicker than the extractor fan to allow a fresh supply of air to circulate before leaving the grow room.

cabinet marijuana grow

The walls are painted flat white or Mylar is hung for reflective purposes. The plants are usually placed in separate pots and go through their entire life cycle within the cabinet environment. Clones are taken from the plants and placed either on a second shelf in the cabinet or near a window in your house. Some people have made a small compartment in their cabinet for clones and germination. This can be any size, but is kept small because you only want to just keep the clones alive. This small compartment will probably have one or two fluorescent lights in it for the clones. It would be best to keep the compartment at the top of the grow chamber near the exhaust fan. You do not need an intake fan for these clones unless it is a big set-up. A simple hole in the side will allow the plants to breathe. After the harvest, these clones are put into the grow room and the process is repeated. It is a Perpetual Grow. The legal term is a Marijuana Factory. You can harvest bud every 30 days if you have the right strains. Your light can be air-cooled in a few ways. The most common way is to mount a 4? dryer flange on the hood and link from the hood flange to the exhaust fan flange with a 4? dryer hose. A fan can be mounted on the hood also.

Cannabis Grow Bible

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