Choosing a Seed Bank

The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

marijuana seed bank

As a rule if you find a classy seed-bank then you will find classy breeders using that seed-bank to sell their seeds.

If you find a seed-bank then the first thing you should do is to examine what people have to say about that seed-bank. Some web sites give listings and ratings on seed-banks.

You can also do a search on the net using a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Find a good web site that is run by a number of people and not a web site that is run by one person. A community of users is a good place to go for message board forums and chat. Also check to see that the site has a registered URL, like a .com site. If they use a free web site service then consider staying clear of it because it can disappear without trace overnight. Once you have found a web site then run a search on ‘seeds’. A listing may appear of all known seed-banks that deal over the Internet. It is best then to check out the reviews on each seed-bank by the public. This gives the latest update on each seed-bank and gives them a review out of 5. Find the URL of each seed-bank and check out the prices. Some seed-banks do deals on seeds and you will find that prices do change from bank to bank. The next thing you do before buying anything is to send the web master an e-mail. Ask him about his services, what seeds you like, how he delivers, security arrangement, and if he can deliver to your country. In some countries seeds are legal. In others they are not. Wait until he gives you a reply. If you do not get a reply then do not use that seed-bank. These people are salesmen and should communicate with you and answer all your questions. Also ask how the money should be sent and ask about postage and packaging. Most seed-banks sell their seeds in batches of 10 – 20. This means that you will get 10 – 20 seeds in the post. Anything can happen. A misplaced foot in the postal office can kill the seeds, making them not viable. Good seed-banks provide good packaging. Ask about it.

marijuana seed storage

If your seeds do not arrive send an e-mail to the seed-bank and ask them what happened. If they do not reply or if your seeds are lost write them a complaint and then post that complaint in one of the web boards like The more people complain the better the chances of indicating seed-banks that are ripping people off. Also if you get your seeds in good condition then it is always wise to post a good review of that seed-bank. This will also improve your communication with that seed-bank the next time you buy seeds (you may get discounts). If you do not have access to the web then you will have to get addresses for these seed-banks and send them a letter asking for further information.

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