How to press skuff into hash

The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

pressed hash

Again the quality of the skuff will determine the quality of hash that you will smoke. Remember on the first chapter we talked about Zero Zero?

Well this is a term used to grade the quality of hashish. The simple ratio is cannabinoids : vegetable material. Good quality hashish has high ratio of cannabinoids to vegetable material. 00 is a term used by Moroccans to express that the hash has the highest level of cannabinoids to vegetable achieved by their extraction process. You can almost imagine that this is the finest skuff available compressed into hashish. To compress hashish is simple.

Take your fine skuff and put into a cellophane bag. Fold it into a block shape. Tape the ends of the cellophane down to create the package. Press it with your hands to make it more even and try to create the best square block you can with it. Use a pin to make a few holes on both side of the bag. Just scatter a few around. A hole per square inch is a good measurement to go by.

Get two or three newspaper pages and dampen it down with a cloth that has just been rinsed. Don’t break the paper just dampen it down. Set an Iron to low heat and place the newspaper over the cellophane bag. Hold the iron down over the paper and press it down with medium pressure for fifteen seconds. Turn the bag over and place the newspaper on top again. Wet it down if need. Press again for the same amount of time. You should only have to do this twice.

marijuana hash

Let the bag cool for five minutes and remove the cellophane. Voila! You have a nice block of hash like in picture on the introduction to this book. Easy as pie! Also your quality of hash will be better than the street hash you find on the market. Street hash tends to be made from the less finer skuff material to make more blocks of hash at a lesser quality. If you smoke homemade hash then you will probably understand why 90% of street hash is sold at rip-off prices. Those big ounce chucks you buy probably only contain 10% of the good stuff, if any at all!

Many countries use most of these techniques to make hash. You can almost imagine that in order to achieve bulk amounts you will have to use a lot of skuff in conjunction with a lot of employees or several drum machines working around the clock.

As a ratio you will find that in order to produce 50grams of good quality hashish you will need about 900grams of dry trim. That is a ratio of about 1:18

Cannabis Grow Bible

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  • rob hart

    what are the perfect levels of npk during early,mid and late bloom or wats the best levels of npk during the whole bloom cycle? answerr me god of marijuana!

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