Hydroponics set-ups

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by Greg Green

marijuana hydroponics

There are many hydroponics systems out there but here are ones that are most commonly used.

Nutrient Film Technique – NFT
Flood & Drain
Ebb & Flow
Drip Irrigation System
Automatic hydroponics Pots
Manual hydroponics Pots


An NFT system is an all-in-one system. In other words the reservoir which holds the pump and nutrient solution is contained in the same system. These systems are generally very flat and long. There is a constant flow of nutrients to the roots and back to the reservoir.

An Ebb and Flow is another all in one system that is recognized by its depth. The grow medium is located above the reservoir which pumps the nutrients and water to the roots at a set time and rate. This means that during the day the plant will go through spells of dryness. The nutrient solution is pumped into the medium and is slowly drained back into the reservoir again. The whole unit recycles the nutrient solution at timed intervals.

The Drip Irrigation System is another all in one system that feeds the plants individually. The plants are located in separate chambers and the nutrients are fed to the medium by a small dripper. The solution is drained through much like an Ebb/Flow system.

marijuana hydroponics


These systems are generally expensive and are used by professional growers. The unit itself can be recognized straight away by its design. The plants are grown in a medium that is placed into slots along a lengthy tube. The tubes can run anywhere from 1 meter to 20 meters in length. Inside the tube are nozzles which mist down the roots of each plant with grow nutrients. The reservoir, which contains nutrients, is kept outside of the tube in a tank. The nutrients are pumped from the tank to the nozzles and then the remaining solution that drips from the plants is drained into another tank that is normally checked before being reused again.


These are pots that are used for growing one plant at a time. In each pot a pump delivers the nutrients (or they are manually fed by hand), into the bottom of the pot until the nutrients reach the roots. The roots then suck up as much as they can until they are dry. Once the roots are exposed the pot is fed with more nutrient solution again. These units are good for the grower who wishes to grow big bushy cannabis plants in a simple stand-alone unit.

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