Increasing yield

The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

marijuana yield

The yield is the amount of smokables that your plant will produce at the end of its grow. Now at this stage you should have a fair idea of the following.

The history of Cannabis, how it is used, different species and strains, THC, types of seeds and where to get them. The life cycle of the marijuana plant, how to germinate seeds, propagation, transplanting, male/female sexing, basic indoor/outdoor/guerrilla growing, security, Lights, light spectrum, HID, Lumens, soil types pH, soil nutrients, pots, watering, environmental control, soil flushing, Air, 12/12, flowering, SOG, ScrOG, Cabinet growing, hydroponics, hydroponics nutrients, the bubbler, outdoor growing and plant care.

With this amount of information you should be armed to the teeth and ready to tackle any ideas about where you want to grow, how much you want to grow and what you need. So the question may still be in your mind – “Can I actually grow marijuana?”

marijuana yield

Many people can grow it without a problem. How many people can grow good thick potent bud? Now that is the question! You see this is what Marijuana is about. How much you know and the more you know the better the results will be. This hobby is so interesting that it is more addictive than the substance produced at the end of the day (marijuana has no physical additive properties but growing it is so rewarding that you may become addicted to growing!). I know plenty of growers who gave up smoking pot and yet continue to sit at home and develop new strains. It is a very addictive hobby.

The more you grow the more you will learn about what your plant needs. The two most fundamental factors in high yield growth are – Strains (good genetics) and Light.

Optimal light along with good strains will lead to great yields and bud plentiful plants. Of course high yields may not mean highly potent bud. Potency depends on the strain and how your plant is grown, remember.

Many a grower have found that some of the grow bloomers and advanced feeding products actually produce greater amounts of bud but reduce the potency and produce a different taste. To understand which feeding products are better to use than others requires a degree of experimentation on your part, but experimentation is what growing is all about. To discover new methods of growing the marijuana cultivator MUST experiment and through FAILURE learn MORE!

Cannabis Grow Bible

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  • Anonymous

    yes it takes the strenth from our plant

  • Steve Smith

    When do you stop trimming your plants? I have been told different about this. I have read that you want to stop trimming your plant after it start’s to flower? This is so that the plant does not have to focus on regrowing the leaves . And focus’s on the bud growth. Any Help would be of great thank’s !!!!!!!

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