Indoor vegetative growth

The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

marijuana vegetative growth

During your plants vegetative cycle it will begin to grow quickly and produce more leaves and new branches. The stem will also grow thicker. This is when your plant begins to look like a marijuana plant.

Cannabis Grow Bible

2 comments to Indoor vegetative growth

  • Eric Abeldt

    *I have an AK-47

  • Eric Abeldt

    I jus harvested my 2 strains 7 in soil(amnesia) and 3 hydro(lemon kush) and i used up all my nutrients. Point is i had a real orignal AK-47 seed that i have now sprouted and is now 3 1/2 in. after 2 1/12 weeks. and Im using an old school way (egg shells&B-12) and its doin amazing. Does anyone have any other tips. I wannna see what i can do without using the C02 or any chemical nutrients. So besides (fishy motion) what else is there? someone reply please…

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