Sea of Green (SOG)

The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

sea of green

A SOG set-up can be any size but must maintain a certain overall shape. First of all you need to grow some plants normally first. Wait until you see flowers and then select the nicest female you can find. Take cuttings from this female mother plant and grow the cuttings out until they have roots. When you do take multiple cuttings try create as many plants as you can fit into your grow set-up. In SOG grows we are looking a 1 plant per square foot or even one plant per 0.10 square feet. So that should be a good estimate as to how many clones you will need. Now, we want to look at pots here first. What we really need are tube shaped pots or pots that have a longer depth than width. You can make these yourself or buy these pots in the store. All we want to do is pack in as many pots with plants as we can into the SOG grow chamber. It is just a big cluster of pots with clones. The clones are planted all at the same time. No more new plants are introduced into the SOG grow room. When they have reached your desired height (keep it small), they should be flowered. Because the clones have been taken from a mother plant, the clones will carry the age of the mother plant with them. Since we took them from a flowering mother they will start to flower as soon as we start 12/12.

The final harvest result will be a full canopy of bud, hence the name Sea Of Green. Because you are using clones you only have to grow the clones out for the remainder of their flowering times. This means you can have a large bud quantity turnover ever 2 months.

Cannabis Grow Bible

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