The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

Before we go any further we should really address this topic because it crops up so often. Security is always an issue whether you are an outdoor or indoor grower. We have learned before that the best way to secure your grow area is too prepare yourself fully for any event that may occur in the foreseeable future.

Pre-production security arrangements are very important. A sudden peak in your electricity bill may attract unwanted attention from certain authorities that look for these things. This may seem odd to you, but it does happen.

It is now common practice that most countries who still have prohibition on cannabis plants set up special task squads to track down growers. The most often used technique by these agencies is tracking purchasing orders. Many agencies keep a tab on certain grow shops and look through the items that are being sold to outside customers. This tracking requires a special court order but the police can obtain this with ease. If someone has been identified as buying suspicious grow products, then the agency will also try to find out what other things have been bought using the same credit card or another electronic money transfer medium. Many a grower have been caught out this way. The best way to avoid this system is to PAY CASH.

Seed-banks are also sometimes tracked by certain agencies that watch for incoming mail with certain stamps and envelope headers. Sometimes it is not the agency that do the tracking but people themselves in the post office who want to rip you off. IT DOES HAPPEN,and quite a bit as well. To get around this most seed-banks do not head their mail anymore. If your seed-bank does head their mail with their company address it is best to keep away from that seed-bank in future.

If you have done the right thing then you should have all your growing tools and kits bought via cash and your seeds purchased from a good seed-bank that has good seeds and a safe secure way of sending you their product. Many seed-banks use great stealth to get you your seeds. It is advised that you never have seeds sent to your grow area.

Cannabis Grow Bible

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