Brutal Bee Concentrates

Brutal Bee Concentrates

Brutal Bee concentrates is a concentrate company that specializes in BHO, specifically shatter. They are based in Palm Springs and their extracts can be found at GreenPedal delivery.

Brutal Bee has a history of competition success and they recently took 2nd place in the Northern California Secret Cup regional with shatter made from the Captain Pineapple Strain.

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  • Mimi

    Hi Brutal Bee,
    My name is Mimi and I work with a company called Micbar Distribution. I’m reaching out to your company as we provide bulk PEST-FREE TRIM and that’s our only focus. I’d love to be connected to your buyer there and start up a relationship with you.
    We have an excellent reputation and would like to partner with you.
    Micbar Distribution

  • Kevin M Engberg

    First off what’s up Rumpers….

    2nd your shatters recently have been on par with the best extracts I have found in the entire Bay Area. My main reason for hitting you guys up besides letting you know how impressed and in love I am with your shatters. However I am a HUUUGE fan of literally all your concentrates. best without a doubt to me in the past year or two, with the quality level and price point you can’t get better and I have been able to find a solid supply through the Bay Area without to many issues of stock running out. I have started an Instagram and hopefully very soon my YouTube channel will be up. first youtube videos will focus on an educational aspect of the current industry and recreation aspects on a channel for those less fortunate than I, to live in Cali or any other legal states.. I would ABSOLUTELY be honored if you guys had maybe some sticker slaps a large wall covering like a flag for the background I can use for the background of the set aka smoke room, and especially any and all swag not only for myself but all items I can give out to my followers in random giveaways. I know my followers would be hella stoked to get anything at all cuz gifts especially one you won is an amazing feeling . . hats t shirts stickers coupons lanyards literally anything and anything/everything would be hugely appreciated. XXL is my shirt size. ANYTHING AT ALL im already greatful and I appreciate your time alone. anything at all that I could kindly use as free advertising for you with the products I use myself time being. With your help to start everything out on the right foot and properly I REALLY thank you a lot .. Thanks you guys for your time in advance an really hope this can work out. Kevin Engberg (Mr._greenEyes IG) Green Eyes (YouTube)

    I hope to hear from you….


  • Anonymous

    no longer with green pedal find us at sungrow collective!

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