Top Shelf Extracts

Top Shelf Extracts

One of the world’s most award-winning cannabis concentrate labs, located in Denver, Co, we can help bring award-winning concentrates to your MMJ dispensary, help your business and, more importantly, help your patients.

We have made the switch to closed loop extractors. In a closed loop extraction, you grind your material to expose more surface area, the gas passes through very quickly and performs a full strip, then the plant wax and particulates are removed by dewaxing. What’s left are Terpeness, THC, and CBD at a higher percentage, thus delivering a more refined and medical grade product to patients. You can find out more about Closed Loop Extractions by going to this link.

The owner is affectionately known as “Big D.” And once you get to know him it becomes obvious why. Daniel de Sailles, the creator of Top Shelf Extracts, came to Denver several years ago and has made himself a fixture in the Colorado Cannabis Community. One of the first to bring concentrates to the attention of the Colorado consumer, Big D’s product is known far and wide to be a cut above. And if you’re lucky enough to have sampled some, you know why.

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