Resin Seeds

Resin Seeds

A relatively young Seedbank, founder Jaime started Resin Seeds in 2008 after a decade in the cannabis industry. Jaime was one of the first people to open a string Spanish grow shops in Barcelona.

Through his experience in the industry, Jaime wanted to start his own seed bank to study the effects of cannabis as medicinal relief. During his time in grow shops, he heard stories of how different strains helped people with different ailments, so experimented with his strains accordingly.

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  • Kevin McCartney

    I am an expert grower with experience growing for a legal collective in CA. I moved back from CA to KY because of the gray area associated with laws in CA and because I have a wife and two children. My record is clean to say the least. I currently manage my family’s blueberry farm which I started and have made sustainable since its inception around 2009. As far as growing cannabis, I have learned a system in which I regularly yielded 3lbs per 1000 watt light. I also have experience breeding high CBD strains and know short cuts for developing new strains. I was heavily involved with the development of a strain containing 20% CBD and 1% THC. I also have access to numerous high CBD strains through another breeder based out of VT. I would like to become a grower for your company if that is something you would consider. I realize that may not be part of your business model but I assure you I have experience with multiple strains and will say I have a system and a proprietary recipe for growing high quality organic flowers that are excellent for processing/extracting for your product lines. I also use an organic product that few are aware of that virtually eliminates Powdery Mildew and Botrytis, it has tested clean and without residue through dispensaries I have sold directly to in CA such as Harborside and Peace in Medicine. I primarily see this as an opportunity to produce in house and save money through the combination of quality and yield, reducing your overall bottom line. I have a degree in Horticulture and am willing to relocate anywhere to make this happen. I’m also very good at teaching other growers/workers my system as it is easy to learn, requires many man hours, I have always found the more effort put in the better results I have gotten out of it. I’m very proficient in proper build out for a grow, I know all of the components needed to ensure success, some that most growers do not use, such as commercial dehumidifiers, cutting corners has never been an option and the outlay for building properly quickly brings a return that far outweighs a company such as yours initial investment by doing so. Feel free to email or call me directly and I’ll be glad to explain further. One last thing, I’m active with hemp in KY and currently sit on the board of the KY Hemp Growers Cooperative Association, Inc. Thank you for your consideration! Kevin McCartney 512-672-9468

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