Cannabigerol (CBG) Explained

Cannabigerol (CBG): A Minor Cannabinoid With A Major Impact

by Drake Dorm

Cannabigerolic (CBG) Is Vital To The Development Of Cannabis

When considering the medicine that best suits you, it’s helpful to know the science behind a strain’s cannabinoid profile. The prevalence of lab testing is […]

The Art of Making Hashish

The Art of Making Hashish

The process for making hash has changed very little since early humanoids first came into contact with mature marijuana plants. Removing the mature resin has become more refined but the original essence is still intact. The entire process that allows people to remove and preserve marijuana’s resins is […]

Hemp and Marijuana Facts

Hemp and Marijuana Facts

What is Hemp?

For ease of explanation, we will refer to hemp by “Cannabis sativa”. Other marijuana plants can also be called hemp, however, the cannabis variety of hemp is considered to be most useful. The name, “Cannabis sativa” even means “Useful Hemp” when broken down. Hemp actually boils […]

Cannabinoids occur naturally in human breast milk

Cannabinoids, like those found in marijuana, occur naturally in human breast milk

by Jonathan Benson, Natural News

Woven into the fabric of the human body is an intricate system of proteins known as cannabinoid receptors that are specifically designed to process cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one […]

Marijuana Myths

Marijuana Myths

by Paul Hager, ICLU Drug Task Force

Marijuana causes brain damage

The most celebrated study that claims to show brain damage is the rhesus monkey study of Dr. Robert Heath, done in the late 1970s. This study was reviewed by a distinguished panel of scientists […]


Marijuana Use By the Moslems

It is interesting to note that the use of hemp was not prohibited by Mohammed (570-632 A.D.) while the use of alcohol was. Moslems considered hemp as a “Holy Plant” and medieval Arab doctors considered hemp as a sacred medicine which they called among other names kannab. The Sufis […]


Marijuana In the New World

According to Richard L. Lingeman in his book Drugs from A to Z, page 146, “Marijuana smoking was known by the Indians before Columbus.” After the Spanish conquest in 1521 the Spaniards recorded that the Aztecs (Mayans) used marijuana.

The present day Cuna Indians of Panama use marijuana as […]

Marijuana In Africa

Marijuana In Africa

The African continent is probably the zone showing the widest prevalence of the hemp drug habit. When white men first went to Africa, marijuana was part of the native way of life. Africa was a continent of marijuana cultures where marijuana was an integral part of religious ceremony. The Africans were […]

Marijuana In Europe

Marijuana In Europe

According to Nikolaas j. van der Merwe (Department of Archaeology, University of Cape Town, South Africa) the peasants of Europe have been using cannabis as medicine, ritual material, and to smoke or chew as far back as oral traditions go.

Marijuana was an integral part of the Scythian cult of the […]


Marijuana In Ancient Egypt

In the book, Plants of the Gods: Origin of Hallucinogenic Use by Richard E. Schultes and Albert Hofman, page 72, it is stated that the specimens of marijuana nearly 4,000 years old have turned up in an Egyptian site and that in ancient Thebes the plant was made into a […]

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