Growing Marijuana in Rockwool

The number of people who grow cannabis for themselves keeps increasing. Some of them raise it in a small, modest garden for their own use; others for commercial reasons. A great deal of experimentation has been done with cannabis in The Netherlands, and through the years, further improvement took place.

Dutch weed can measure up to the best foreign varieties. After growing only in soil for years in The Netherlands, other growing methods can expect new interest. Some people grow on hydro-culture (granules), but also, growing on rockwool substrate occurs more and more. It is a clean, efficient way to raise cannabis. Relatively little has been written about growing on rockwool. Surprising, on the face of it, because in professional horticulture rockwool is being used since long. Growing cannabis on rockwool appears to go very well.

Who would have expected anything else from this indestructible weed? For this book, we have drawn from the experience of growers of the produce we ordinarily buy from the green grocers. The specific expertise of professional weed-growers is also used. Their advice is appreciated; – without mentioning any names. This book is meant for everyone who wants to grow cannabis at home. The emphasis is on growing on rockwool substrate, and on (semi-professional) climate control in the grow space. The first section takes a look at to the wanderings of cannabis throughout the world, and to how plants, in general, are cultivated. The second part is principally concerned with what is needed for growing cannabis indoors, and about the details of climate control. The third section deals with growth itself, with attention paid to plant diseases and insect pests.

CHAPTER 1 – A Short History of Hemp in the Netherlands

CHAPTER 2 – Physiology of plants

CHAPTER 3 – Necessities and climate control

CHAPTER 4 – Light


CHAPTER 6 – Water

CHAPTER 7 – Growing Cannabis

CHAPTER 8 – Diseases, Pests, and Plaques

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