Ganja Glam

Ganja Glam

San Diego, California USA

HELLOOO my fellow stoners, Im Ganja Glam! Born & raised in San diego, Califonia, 20 years old, MILF of the Bunnies. Im loveable and super sweet! Been burning for 8 years, been apart of stoner fams the lsat 3 1/2 years going strong, Why I love too burn? WHY THE HELL NOT? Its helped me with my creative skills in many ways, helps me in many ways, i love to paint so when im tokin it just helps with my creativity skills, I love my Stoner Family. these females are gorgeous and make me feel so loved, I love being able to chill with other stoners and befriend them. (:~~~~~~ LEGALIZE MARYJANE!

My First time smoking, I was like 14ish and I was with my brother (RIP) at his place just hanging out, and hes always smoked around me, I was always curious what it was like so i asked him if I could hit the bong. And once i tasted sweet maryjane I fell in love. I use to talk ALOT(still kinda do) but he was laghing saying “you need to smoke more, you actually shut UP!” and it kept me calm. I absolutely love it! Since then i havent stopped smoking.

Ganja Glam

I’d have to say that my favorite strains are Blue Dream & Blueberry Haze. Blue dream, because it vapes really nicely, the high lasts a while (depending how much you smoke) it gave me a total body high & it was my first love. I love blueberry haze because it tastes AMAZING, and i have terrible insomnia so whenever i smoke a few bowls of this stuff, it helps me sleep, no need for lunesta or any sleep meds.

One time, we were hanging out in this empty house with a ton of friends. We were bored with no food or anything so we decided to play tag in the dark… We had a blast running around the house pretty much blind since it was like 2am. Once I was the “IT” in the game i was walking around, I heard my girlfriend Jenny laughing so i RAN Head on and didnt see the wall right in front of me which she was hiding right behind. I broke my nose. My friends laughed so hard they nearly pissed their pants 😉

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