Miss Fabrizi

Miss Fabrizi

Los Angeles, California USA

What’s up world?! How’s it smoking? 🙂 Nice to meet you, I’m Miss Fabrizi. Born in Antioch, CA raised as well, currently living in Los Angeles, CA! Sunny days cloudy skies its that California life and with that I smoke them bomb trees…

Some of my favorite strains are G.D.P., Bubba, 916, Maui Wowie, Champagne, and Sour Diesel. Indica, Hybrid, Sativa it all does good for me. Smoking for me is an everyday event – from breaking the bud down, rolling it, and lighting it, to that first hit, turns into a free therapy session.

First moment ever trying marijuana I fell for the feeling. I was with two best friends Angie and Brittany they were smoking, laughing simply enjoying themselves. When I noticed this loveliness I asked to try it. There faces looking in ultimate shock they handed it over and I fell in love. Next day I called my mom, brother, sister, and other friends to let them know. My mom speciality loved the effects she seen Mary-Jane do for me.

Miss Fabrizi

Marijuana helps thousands cancer patients for pain, depression for improvement in personality and a calming relaxation with anxiety. It needs to be legal to help those in need. There’s patients out there who can’t tolerate Dr prescribed pill medications, marijuana is a natural earthy herb. Betters attitude, calms nerves, migraines, arthritis and can improve ones activity. Legalize it!

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