Marijuana Grow Basics by Jorge Cervantes

Sadly we have to worry about security to grow a simple plant that has been on this earth since long before man set foot on it. About 70 years ago prohibition started in the United States of America, Land of the Free. Today this crazy, paranoid prohibition has progressed and it is necessary to grow gardens in secure locations.

Security has several facets and levels. First must restrict access to your garden. Do this by securing the perimeter around the grow house or wherever the garden is located. You will need to control everything and everybody that enters and exits the area in proximity to the garden. You can have visitors in your home, but always keep the garden under lock and key to restrict access. Make sure there are no telltale signs of growing, the most obvious of which are fragrance, light leaks, noise, and growing supplies or debris.

External forces could be tipped off to the garden’s existence by your telling others about the garden; telephone conversations; tracking your home from hydroponics stores, other grow houses, or dealers’ houses; lifestyle; computer data tracking and thermal imaging devices. Choose your friends and romantic partners carefully. Most often security breaches are the result of a jealous or vindictive friends, lover, or partner. Many times these friends and partners are pressured by police to turn you in.

Security Hit List

  • Never tell anybody about any garden
  • Never show your garden to anyone
  • Do not throw out any garbage that could prove that you grow
  • Never have seeds or grow products sent directly to your home
  • Do not visit other grow houses, wild parties, real criminals, etc.
  • Take a friend;s car or have a friend take you to the grow store, and go seldom.
  • Keep your computers secure from criminal and government snoops.

Thermal Image Technology

Thermal image technology is illegal in the USA as a means to secure a search warrant, but in Canada, Holland, and other countries authorities fly grids over urban areas to look for possible growers. Nonetheless, thermal image technology is seldom a problem for small growers who use less than 2000 watts of light.

Larger growers outwit thermal imaging devices by keeping lights on during daylight hours to confuse the technology. They further safeguard their grow operation by cooling exhaust air and expelling it under a well0insulated grow house so it does not eave a heat trail.

More Security Details

  • Call grow and seed stores from a secure or remote telephone
  • Pay all bills and make all purchases with cash
  • Pay for mail-order merchandise with a money order
  • Use a digital camera to take photos of your garden
  • Have a guard dog
  • Buy a fire extinguisher rated to put out wood, paper, grease, oil, and electrical fires
  • Unload grow supplies a little bit at a time or from within a locked garage
  • Put the telephone, electricity, garbage, etc., in friend’s name
  • Grow in a rented home
  • Eliminate light leaks
  • Make internet postings that may incriminate you from a safe computer via a proxy server


  • Do not steal electricity
  • Electric bill – is it the same as the previous tenants?
  • Ground all electrical outlets and connections
  • Inspect electrical connections for signs of heat damage and repair immediately
  • Keep electrical use to a reasonable amount, and keep the air clean around the house


  • Do not let grow room air-conditioner water drain outdoors; it smells like cannabis
  • Discharge odor-laden air via a roof vent or chimney
  • Use a carbon filter and an ozone generator to neutralize the marijuana fragrance


  • Muffle all noise from fans, ballasts, pumps, etc.
  • Use insulated ducting
  • Put rubber or foam fittings on all fans to reduce noise and vibrations
  • Set ballasts on a noise-reducing base


  • Never trust anybody – friends, family, brother, sister, children, even your mther!
  • Have a regular schedule and simple lifestyle
  • Have a reason for extra electrical consumption
  • Don’t flash a large cash income. Buy large assets such as house and cars over time
  • Have a regular job and a reason for your activities
  • Have few visitors and keep to yourself
  • Keep a low profile and keep to yourself
  • Keep your property clean and in excellent repair
  • Drive a street-legal car with no outstanding warrants on the drivers
  • Pay bills on time

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