Common mistakes made by first time growers

First time growers frequently:

Overwater their medium based plants. When you pot your plant, judge its weight dry by hefting. Then, water the plant thoroughly, until water runs through the drain holes. Heft it again. When your pot feels as nearly as light as it did dry, its time to water again.

Overfeed their plants. As MrSoul says, beginners rarely under do anything. When all else fails, follow the directions on the fertilizer bottle.

Overanalyze their grow. A first grow is like a first born child: you pay attention to every little thing that happens. Further, you worry at the first sign something may be wrong. Pay attention to what happens in your grow, but do not try and find a remedy for every yellow leaf. Frequently, the remedy of flushing your medium causes more problems than it solves. Be responsive when things go wrong, but be conservative in your remedies.

Overspend on grow supplies. New growers frequently commit themselves to unrealistic and expensive first grows. It is much more efficient to learn to grow and then invest in high end equipment rather than the other way around. Most experienced growers don’t have room for all of the grow paraphernalia they aren’t using. As you will see throughout this FAQ: K-I-S-S.

Overpost. Try the search engine first. Chances are good that any question you can think of has been asked and answered before.

Talk about their grow. Don’t tell anybody that does not have to know. How can you expect anybody else to keep a secret that you cannot.

Part 2: by Bush_Grower

1. Don’t Overwater
Overwatering kills marijuana plants. Water once the top few inches of the soil dries out. Hydroponics is harder to over-water than soil, due to the abundance of water roots.

2. Don’t Tell People
Why? They will only be jealous. People love to feel important and that is why they will tell other people; because others will listen to them. Keep it to yourself.

3. Touch/kill Germinating Seeds
It can take up to 10 days for a seed to sprout. The paper towel method is not recommended because you must handle the seeds when transferring them from the paper towel to your growing medium.

4. Grow seeds from seeded marijuana (hermaphrodite seeds)
Unless you are prepared for possible disappointments don’t use “unknown” seeds. This is why people buy seeds from seedbanks. Self-seeding MJ is produced from hermaphrodite plants or a very stunted and late flowering male the grower did not notice. Flowered hermi seeds will produce tall late flowering females coupled with early flowering males.

5. Don’t Over-fertilize
Fertilize after first 2 spiked leaves appear. Start with 25% of recommended label strengths and work your way up. If the leaves suddenly twist or fold under, Leach and Spray with pure water for several days! Don’t fertilize your plants every time you water! (Soil) A common watering schedule is to fertilize at full strength, then water at half or quarter strength. This prevents excess salt buildup, leaf and root burn. In addition, don’t water at full strength if the medium is too dry – root burn can occur. As a precaution, leach the plants with lots of pure water every 2-4 weeks.

6. Don’t Under-fertilize
Under-fertilizing is less common. If you prefer to give the plant ‘just enough nutrients’, use a organic soil mixture with blood meal and bone meal or some slow release fertilizer with micro nutrients.

7. Don’t Start with Clones
Start with seeds. Bugs are a pain, as are plant diseases. Many growers are able to grow indoors without pest problems for years. Another grower’s cuttings are almost guaranteed to have diseases &/or pests.

8. Don’t Provide A Bad Environment
Always provide air circulation and fresh air even during the night cycle. All the air indoors should be replaced every 5-10 minutes. Humidity between 30-70% temp aim for around 75-85? Even seedlings need a gentle fan to strengthen the stems.

9. Don’t Harvest Too Early
25% of the weight will form in the last 2 weeks. Begin flushing with 100% pH’d water when the pistil are 25% brown. Harvest when the plants have totally stopped growing and the white pistils are at least 50-75% brown. *NOTE: Outdoors if security is a factor make your own call on when to sacrifice the fields. Also take buds continuously in case of thieves.

Common questions:

Q. Can marijuana grow in a northern climate?
Marijuana plants can grow anywhere corn can grow. All it needs is three growing months – seed to harvest. 2 if started indoors!

Q. Why do I have to buy seeds? Why can’t I use my own that I picked from my own stash?
Most people desire, and want to be guaranteed, certain characteristics in their mature female plants. The seeds from any weed will all grow into something different. This is unprofitable and inefficient. As opposed to knowing the single set of requirements for your entire crop, you must provide a different set of requirements for each of your plants.

Q. What is better for a new grower – hydroponics or soil?
I believe the all around “better”, more convenient setup is soil. Hydro makes plants grow faster, but won’t make your buds more potent than soil. Hydro should be attempted after you have a few successful soil crops under your belt. If you are starting from seed and growing for personal, soil is the practical growing medium. If the crop is started with clones and is commercial, a hydroponics setup is more practical.

Q. Why are my seedlings stretching?
Low light conditions. They also need a gentle wind. Plants will also stretch when subjected to conditions of high humidity.

Q. What kind of lights should I use?
Cheap 4 ft. cool white fluorescent tubes : for germination/seedlings 400 watt Metal halide/HPS : for personal home growers 1000 watt Metal halide/HPS : for some personal growers and commercial growers. *Use at least 40 watts per sq. foot of grow space.

Q. How far should the lights be from the plants?
Fluorescent: tips of leaves almost touching bulbs 400 watt halide : two feet away from seedlings and one foot away from grown plants 1000 watt halide: four feet away from seedlings and two feet away from grown plants

Q. How often should you water?
Once a week or once every two week for soil and twice a day with a hydroponic flood and drain system. *When top 2 inches of the soil dry out.* Occasionally provide periods of extra dry and wet soil. *Allow 10% extra water to drain out of the bottom of the tray.* This will prevent toxic fertilizer build up.

Q. How long do your seeds last? What’s the best way to keep them?
Seeds can last over 5 years if kept cool and dry. They may last up to 10 years if sealed and frozen, but fewer will germinate.

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129 comments to Common mistakes made by first time growers

  • autobb15

    My plant is getting to big at about day 40. Should I top or is there anything else I can do. My light won’t go up any further. Thanks.

  • Help

    I had left the door open for grow room by accident for about three hours about three inches after lights shut off been in first stage of flowering for ten days am I screwed

  • Aaron bye

    Plant is bout 5 months old want grow anymore got pretty bud coming out top? Miss is it stunted?

  • Annonymous

    10 hrs light on 14 hours off, i am seedling in my flower closet.
    i dont worry about slow grow, theres one plant flowering.
    my question is if i change to 12/12 the plant will reveg???

  • Anonymous

    I think my cat (could have been something else) ate the buds of my auto-flowering plant, does that mean it’s as good as dead? or will it produce more buds?? 🙁
    Also my plants are SUPER, as in a bit smaller than my hand, and have started to bud is that normal??

  • Anonymous

    My weed plant is about 3 weeks old and 4 inches tall but dosenf seem to be getting taller plz help

  • Arlena

    Help my kid took all the leaves off my husband’s plant he has been growing it for 2 1/2 months can i save it

  • Mandi

    I’m a first time grower and I’m having some trouble with my plant. It’s 23 days old. Germination went very well and it did well when I first planted it. But about a week and a half, I came home and found my plant bent over. The bend it about 2/3 of the way up the plant, closer to leaves than roots. I put a little stick to hold it up, and that worked for a bit, but now where the stem bent it is yellow, but as you go alittle down the stem is nice and green. It’s producing leaves still, and there’s about 10 of them. But the first 2 rounded leaves I noticed today are turning yellow, and my first set of the true leaves are slowly turning yellow at the tips. The rest are fine though. However, because the plant is so young, could I cut the stem to the green part and see if it will regrow? I don’t know what to do. Any help is appreciated 🙂

    • kgb

      don’t cut it, just let it recover on its own. if it was only bent, and not completely broken, it should be fine.

    • Nugs

      Sounds like damping off to me, had this happen to me with every (bag)seed i had when i first started.

      Just google ‘damping off’ and you can decide for yourself. you will know right away if it is or not 😉

  • Poorboy

    I have a deep water culture system 18 gal tube. My seedlings are two weeks old and thee out of five were laid over any suggestions my auto flower

  • Gary Kelnhofer

    I have a couple of Indica plants in my back yard. I planted from seed on March 15. Now on May 5th they are looking very green and healthy however, they are only approximately 10 inches tall and have a nice set of buds coming already. I have been using fish emulsion every third or fourth waterings and I’m wondering if my plants are too small to start flowering. Again these are outdoor plants in the ground outside.

  • Anonymous

    My plants are sprouted why do the leaves have a orange tint to them

  • kaos

    im in need of some help i have x2 plants thick stems and strong so all round seam to be fine but they still haven’t budded up and winter has just hit for me is there anything i can do to assist them in budding and bud quality

    • Anonymous

      Are your lights on 12 hours and off 12 hours? If so, and still no budding try going to 14 hours dark 10 light. Longer dark periods signal the plant to flower. Also, make sure during the dark time there is ZERO light leaking in the grow area because it will throw the plant off. Good luck! 🙂

    • Eric Brooks

      I bet if you check, you’d find that their night cycle is being interrupted by an artificial light source. It only takes three times the strength of a full moon to through the process of ‘going-to-flower’ off.

  • Cpt black

    I’ve got a plant that’s about 10 weeks old from germination its roughly 2 an half feet tall but the main stem seems quit thin about 1/4″ thick is this normal n how can I get it to thicken?

  • Anonymous

    So my light went out and was out for two days and now I think they are turning male what can I do to fix this

  • zombie0208

    my plants is 2 months both of them and they are 1 feet 5″ and my bathroom is 11″x4.9″x8ft and ,4 lights of 60 watts(130v 600 lumens), 2 lights of 25 watts(215 lumens), and 1 light of 13 watts.Am i giving the right lighting ? both is in its 4th set of leafs;5th growing now, I just started feeding nutrients,both on 18 on/6 off. do i have the right set up?

    !!!!!!!!!!!NEED HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  • Tj

    Do any of u got any good seeds ..and i f I had a 2000 watt light would that be tow mutch …..and my clan is good but two leaves are turning yellow …is it wrecked or savable

    • Anonymous

      You’re going to want to cut the stem just below the leaves. This will allow the plant to regrow healthy leaves, I’ve saved a number of sick clones this way.

  • Jacob garrett

    So the bottom of my stem by the soil started to turn brown a littlw bit how do i fix that any takers?

  • TonyJohn

    5 month old plant and it seems to just be growing slow. I can see white hairs and some orange hairs with a lot of crystals but it’s just not thick like how I see these other plants lol. is my plant no good or what should I do??

  • jeffsgrow

    For some reason my post was denied, Anyway I’m on my first week and broke one of my seedlings in a stupid move, when I moved a light and it broke off the top.

    Ive been posting on my blog about it, but i fell thats why it was denied so i wont include a link.

  • Dhevyn

    I’m a first time grower and I planted my seeds about a week ago. I started it on the 12-12 schedule for the first few days but then began to leave it out on the normal day schedule because of where I live. I checked today on my plant and it started growing already. Is this a good or bad sign?

  • Paul

    New grower- Iv got some cuttings and they are about 4 weeks old but have not grown much they are about 5 inches is this normal

    • kgb

      Cuttings can stay alive for a while.. More importantly, you should check if they have started rooting. By now, you should’ve seen roots coming out from the bottom. If you don’t, break open one of the cubes and see what’s going on inside. They may be alive, but not rooting..

  • Kip Caven

    I have to be gone TOMORROW NIGHT for 1 night
    WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT THE LIGHTS??? Will it destroy all my work to leave em either on the whole time or off the whole time?
    Im going out to help with my dad-Alzheimers-will be gone from NINE AM SATURDAY UNTIL AROUND NOON ON SUNDAY
    PLEASE PLEASE let me know your thoughts on this one!!!!!

    I have gotten THREE timers and maybe Im just an idiot but I can NOT get them to work and the time is coming up fast for me to have to leave-in the morning………….Im scared about this one and dont know what to do! Put em outside maybe? THE CLOCK IS TICKING!!!!!!!! And thank you to ANYONE who can help me with this jam!!

  • mikeydread

    My plants are 1 month old and still in Veg.lights come on at 10am go off at 4am. at around 2am they start to lay down. What can that be?

  • mary

    I have yellow bananas growing in my buds. What are they and how long after I see them should I harvest them.

    • kgb

      sounds like you might have pollen sacs ;( they kinda look like banana bunches, and when they open up, pollen is released.

    • grandmabutters

      that’s not something you WANT to see growing in your buds. Didn’t you sex the plants after they started growing up? To get rid of the males. I do. However, one year, i had 15 Hermaphrodites! and had to get them out of the garden quickly. it was rough since they were seven to nine feet tall, we drug them upstairs to an apartment we have over garage… They were very, ummm, productive and good, just one hell of a lot of seeds to contend with. This year only 2 males the other were females. Medicinal personal use, I am legal, AND have 11 different medical maladies, this is the only pain medication, nausea med, sleep aid, nerve pain, medicine I use. It works as tincture, salve and canna butter for ingesting. Very nice. but a pain with all the seeds.

    • Anonymous

      Kill em they are hermaphrodite

      • John Doe

        Don’t kill them just because their confused #GayRightsForPlants … Just kidding gettem out before they fuck ur entire crop both metaphorically and physically

  • julia

    I put to much soap on my plants an burned them trying to get rid of russet mites is there anything I can do to bring them out of it or is it to late????

  • johan smokersmoot

    rapid veg. chocolate chunk. bushy and beautiful. 1st grow. 4 plants week 1 from clone root.
    100 w t5 floro 2ft, 4 bulbs. raw bat guano tea in 4 gallon pots. misting regularly, 1 ft tall vegging like crazy. one 15w t8 floro on the side and a 12w led light.
    mylar on walls in a small shower area in motorhome with a small fan.
    should I tie the girls down or let them have one cola? hard decision. I’m so excited for the girls. id like to get a few pounds I’m told by the cloner that I might get 1 pound per plant. they are indicas I just don’t know what to expect. should I change to red spectrum when flowering? is it important? got about 5.5ft headroom about 5×3 width grow space I suppose let em grow to 3 ft then flower 3-5 weeks, how much yeild you guys think I’ll get?, I want to fill grow space thinking I will train/bend them now week 1 about, short bushy many leaves sprouting fast. am I doing good? looks like an exceptionan maybe they will make me some money and good smoke. I’m stoked. oregon legal now.

    • Starks

      Your yield will really be determined based on how big your roots can grow and I highly doubt you’ll get a pound per plant in 4 gal pots in a 5×3 space. Pay really close attention to your temps too…that is crucial to how much you’ll yield as well (72-78 degrees) Also your medium and nutrients will factor into your yield. New growers tend to be very impatient and like the article says overdo more then underdo. If I were you and I had a 5×3 space to work with I’d throw each into 7gal pots and drop a 600 watt hood in to replace all the other fluorescents and other lights you’re using, and I would train the shit out of them to get as many tops as possible.. With the setup you’re running you could possibly get approx half a pound and that’s if you have no issues at all. Good luck bro I’m in Oregon too and it really is a great time to be alive now that we’re legal!!! Good luck bro!!!

  • Calvin

    My plant is about 3 ft 2inches it don’t have a smell and it got white fuzz coming out but no buds yet about how long should I wait

  • Anonymous

    Reading all comments and suggestions I’m a new grower 6 weeks started them in pods there ok lost some leaves more grew I did prun a bit too late ..don’t know how often to water them the leaves are drying no budding no seeds no nothing ,am I rushing or what’s am I doing wrong

  • Clayton

    hi im a first time grower I plan on growing only 5 plants outside in my backyard. I know the process of germinating. but would you give me some tips on some good soil to use, what type of fertilizer and a water schedule I should use thanks

  • mikhail

    it is a amnisea auto i have no fan buy my windo is open and how much watt should i use i run it 14h on-10h off is that a good lighting scgul? all coment will be apprechated

  • mikhail

    i have a 2 week old weed plant and i just put miracle-gro enriched potting mix in it do you think i should have done that ? and im useing a old lizerds cage with the light out of it but i have one of the bakeing sheets around it

  • Brad

    Ok first time growing in a tent wiyh400 watt setup I had two haze one Hermes so I cut down the second one is growing through the roof she is 40 day flowering and I have done small amounts of pruning but the buds are formed smaller than my pinky there has been hight growth but not a change in bud growth using coco core and fox farms nuits what did I do wrong and will this prevent true bud growth buds are all pistols any advice and solutions would be helpful

  • sista canna

    First time grower. …just two of my newer leaves on two separate plants look like they have a white indentation (not a spot like mildew or fungus), kinda like a birthmark…. should I be concerned?

  • Anonymous

    Hi can someone help i had a bunch of clones (month old) underlight never checked on them for like 30-35 hours when i did check light was burnt out do you think there will be damage ? Or flip

  • Jarad

    So i just planted about 150 seeds in probably a 10 by 10 place in the woods with good light and am going to water about everyday. The only thing im worried about is them fighting over space cause i planted so many and the fact that i couldnt get the rocks up that were more than like 10 inches down but there arent that many. do you think i would still be able to get a pretty good harvest if i make sure each plants not too crowded?

  • ty

    I put my clones in front of a window and there 6 weeks old and won’t be done till set ember but they are budding already how can I make them not bud without lights

    • Hi

      Hey! There is no way you can go there without artificial lighting, because plants may be tricked only if they get 14+ hrs of light. They start to bud automatically once they get 12/12 for over 3-4days.

  • babe

    I need help I Burt my plants they were 2 months what do I do to save them?????

  • Milo

    Ok so I started growing a indoor plant 2 weeks ago n it only has one leaf how long Til the others grow n how long Til I should put it in flowering it is Reggies so idk if it’s gonna grow big or what but how much is expected

  • Anonymous

    hi can u tell me what the things are called that u can buy now to put my plants in when they in the rockwool to get light thanks

  • jayy

    I have a 2 1/2 month old plant and the bottom leaves have turned yellow I’m wonder if it’s To much sun or light that burned it or its something else

    First time grower need much advice I appreciate it

    • Ben

      It will be fan leaves and it’s prob the heat but as long as ur top sun leaves are fine u are good just keep a eye on it

    • tina

      I was having the same issue but finally figured it out that the bottom leaves weren’t getting any light ..then had to make sure my branches were out of the way and not blocking the light….oh and made sure all the yellow dead leaves were off and it had new life

  • sole

    I have a 3 month plant if I leave it alone after its fully budded will it revege and grow bigger

  • fruitfullbudlover

    Hello i have a afgoo i just started flower veged for 3 weeks and 2 days from seed and its 2ft tall and wide also the stem is 3/4 inch thick and shoots are double stacked should it be this damn big already i used great whit twice and fox farms. Happy frogg and im using a 7-7-7 mix thanks also using 5 cfls

  • dallas

    OK so my cat got to close to my plant and made something fall on it and now its bent over and is dying a little what should I do I’m freaking out

    • nobody

      when did you start them?do you have a closet?were they seeds or clones?what’s a green houde?AND if you expect to get any kind of results,i usually start with at least 12 clones,seeds i would expect you would need to start with at least 2 dozen.that’s 2 dozen that actually sprout.sounds like you didn’t get lucky with your 2 whole you have a medical card?did you put them outside in winter?seeds from a bag are usually worthless,’d need alot to get any results.what state you in?

  • little richie

    FIRST TIMER.I have two plants outdoors using a green houde, in mircal grow potting soil they are 42 days old and only have two actual sets of leafs frist one three second one 5 leaves what should i do or just continue, came from a good bag i had gotten. PLEASE HELP.

  • stu

    I have an indica outdoor plant about 5feet tall and 8 months old. It has sprouted pistols but hasnt budded. I have been watering every day and recently trimmed it, however the leaves are now turning brown. Have i killed it? is there anything i can do to bring it back?

    • Anonymous

      The plant will just grow, and will never bud if you never change your light cycle to 12/12. I think you may have waited way to long to expect any buds from that plant. Marijuana growing cycle is usually 3-4 months (seed to harvest.)

  • blanca

    My son throw my plant to the floor. Its a baby plant almost 2inches. One of the first leafs ripped and its turning black. Will that mess up my plant or do I cut it to save her?? Anybody can help me,first time growing. Indoor plant

  • Josh

    I have a hydroponics grow set with 6 net pots I have autoflower plants in now but there all different strains of auto flower is that gonna be a problem or no

  • jaymon

    I’ve got a plant thats about 7 inches tall and is flowering, all I’ve done is put it on my window sill and watered it when the soils got slightly dry, I’m just wondering if the buds that are forming will actually grow and if my bedside lamp would be of any help to its growth during the light period of the day

  • Devon

    I was feeding last night my veg tent and accidentally gave a dose of bloom. Is that going to ruin my plants???

  • Anonymous

    I got eight small plants in a plastic container together is that okay what should I do ?

  • tonidatygaa

    my little ones are about 6 weeks old but have been the same size since their 3rd week. i think they have stunted. i mean there leaves are growing, but not height wise. what should i do?

  • Anonymous

    Been growing a week now and stem is a little under pinky length two leaves sum growing in is this okay

  • Manuel

    I just received a plan for my friend I do not know how old it isand I do not know what schedule to continue to put this plan on I’ve had it for a month now and I did one whole month of 18/6 just started the flowering stage but it is weird because it is tall with not so many leave you can seethe llittle buds starting to grow. It is a female but I just need some advice and I’m growing in my closet its just wrapped In foil and thing I should do to upgrade it.

  • michael oleary

    i have to veggies on their 2nd node im using a 125 watt flourcent they must have been 1 inch from the bulb half the leaves turned brown n 3 hours. can they be fixed? i cut the burnt leaves and moved them 3 inches from the bulb with a foliar spray. any suggestions?

  • jstar

    If my males were left a couple days too long wsill my females seed all the way till there done will my girls be totally ruined

  • anonymous

    I have a small plant growing. About a moth or so maybe. But it has sprouted a tiny purple flower. Nothing else just flowers. Anyone know what the hell

  • Bigdawg

    Plants been flowering for 6 weeks , give em nothing but rain water, doing great , lots of buds, topped it early so it wouldn’t grow to large , space an issue, there’s about 16 branches with nice size cola’s how long should I flower for, I’m thinking 8-9 weeks, just bag seeds, had two females, and cut down the boys, do I need to flush plant with it getting just rain water? Looking for some input on this, thank you very much

    • kgb

      flushing is done to get rid of excess nutrients that build up over time, so if you’re not giving any nutes, there’s nothing to clear out, and you shouldn’t need to flush.

  • Anonymous

    My plants is growing little white flowers out of the tips and the leaves havent really formed theyre fingers yet. Does this mean its a male?

  • zakaria

    Hy every body . I need some help please . First time grower . Second week of veg .the first two leaves start turning yellow and burning . What should i do ?

  • the_isle

    have been vegging indoors with hydro using a soilless medium that resembles soil and need to flower but room not quite ready. its early august in colorado can i move plants outdoors (assuming its done properly) for flower now?

  • Anonymous

    my kush plant looks stunted and this is my first grow can anyone help me out.?

    • kgb

      would need more details.. what’s the problem with it?

      • I iam a first time outdoor grower and my plants are about 4-5 foot tall and have little white fluffy bits coming off the tops dose this mean that they are about to flower and I’ve had them on a 12/12 in a blacked out green house is there any thing that I’ve missed out need help or some good tips on what to do

  • ross

    I have 3 New plants about a week an a half old and the leavs are drooping do u no what I could do please help

  • op

    why is it taking so long for my plants to bud. They have been on flowering light (12and12) for a month now and still no sign of budding. I started them march and began flowering in june its now almost july any help. They are female plants no sign of hermaph. Or male but they have not shown any signs they are budding.

  • Corey Henson

    Need help been trying to deal with a problem my plants about a month and a half old been taking a turn for the worst it’s in a 5 gal pot almost a ft tall the leave r during stem still looks good and green I try seeing if it was a watering problem not tht thought it was to hot wear I had it move it so it wouldn’t get direct heat tht didn’t fix it and I stunted because it’s was doing really well until you he leaves started laying down then a the bottom leaves started getting spaiges on the leave any more infor tht yall need I’ll send pics just need help please and thank u get back with me

  • Anonymous

    My plant is 5mos old only 1 foot tall I bring her back to life after being eating by a peacock lots of branches real pretty should I make her bud

  • george

    My lights went off for 4 days.i couldn’t do a thing and last 3 weeks of harvest . What’s gana happen to my plants
    Please someone help me

  • Smokee

    I have had my plants for a month now and the steams are long but only some have started to grow 3 leaves what should I do?

  • steve


  • TONY

    I need help. I’m growing a plant (Mexi aka saltiva) and I have no lamps no hydro system for it. Jus growing natural. I’m feeding it plant food nd water I feed it water about to times a day give it plant food every three days. I’m see results but need a lil help wit better ways to grow
    Unknow the sex of it …

  • anoymous

    Hi I had a quick question one if my plants there leaf has start to turn yellow they are still baby’s and they grow outside in the sun fo

  • Anonymous

    A grenmann. Got one very thick btantchy northen lights plan groqing like crazy x. shes just sitting now under 400watt 12/12 n pple this will be posted (pic very soon!) i want to show you all my partners in growing just how a loveing careing…as one wud for thier child…this is how we must grow…love peace n friendship…n much careing wisdon is needed in looking n raseing ur plant….plenty info on ur nuits bottles…use with care x.

  • shabronte

    My plant is two to three inches what do I do now with it

  • mr 420

    Just switch to my grow bulb from floresent and burnt a leaf wats best todo I cut it off thinking that was best just nned some input plz

  • lutin

    Can some help me please i can not tell if my plant is male or femail its my first time growing please please

  • Max

    My tree is going good, but all of a sudden one leaf on the bottom is drying out.. Help me out here

  • Bryan

    I have been growing my 3 plants for a month now there going good from what I see.the bottom leaves on one plant Is getting yellow?why?I left my light on 24/7 for the first month and now I leave It on 18/6,Is that good?and my plants are a few Inches from the light.Is that good?please help me!

  • Kai

    Am planning to grow 3 pots in my bathroom, only private place in the house, but am wondering- willthe humidity/moisture from when I shower affect the plants?

  • dylan

    Plants still a baby and its been growing for 2 months

  • dylan

    I’ve had my plant in the grow room for 2 months now and its still only about 6″

  • I have twelve plants in Veg and flower. they are Northern Lights x Big Bud.
    I am using Hydroponic Ebb and Flow. I have a re-circulating pump in the barrel to keep things flowing. I also have an air stone with air in the barrel.
    I also ran air lines to each of the twelve buckets and the air is running 24/7.
    My timer on the brain is set to water every four hours for 15 minuets.
    I began to notice a foul smell in both veg and flower rooms.
    Pulling up the net pot baskets in the buckets, I noticed the roots were very black and the water in the bucket was very black and real stinky like a sewer smell.
    I drained the water barrel and top put the net pot basket with the plant into another bucket outside and first flushed from top down. I then put fresh water in the bucket and added some 35% Hydrogen Peroxide and let the plant sit in it to soak the roots for about five minuets each.
    I pulled all the buckets, brain and barrell out side and washed everything and re installed in the room. I used only fresh water and Hydrogen peroxide for the next two days, then added my Gen Hydro 3 part nutrients.
    I have normally drained, flushed and refilled every 14 days. This event has happened two times in the last two years including this time.
    It has been one week so far sinced I flushed and refilled and no sign of further dirty smelly water.
    What could be happening? Is this what is called root rot, and if so what can I do to prevent this from happening. Thanks, Joe

  • Atmos

    usually only need to leave them soaking for 24-36 hours

  • mike

    Before you start growing I was told to put the seed(s) in warm water for a few days the plant em. I’ve seen it done before and they sprouted in the water. If this is true how any days do I keep em in the water

  • mike

    As in blooming leaves i mean the branches the bud grows on sry fellas first timer here lol

  • mike

    O and im also using a t8 two bulb warm light for flowering 3000 k and two cfls swirly lights

  • mike

    Need help ! Its my first grow got two females they have been on 12/12 for 5 to 7daysseems like its goin real slow only thing showing is the two little hairs in like 3 to 4 spots andreally small also the blooming leaves are dying this is only happining on one plant using miracle grow regular nutrients im using is tiger bloom

  • woody

    will using old bulbs effect the trichomes production as well as the yield ? also will it effect the smell.

    • Frank

      Maybe not so much smell, but other things. Just replaced my T5 bulbs with new grow bulbs after 3 full grows. First I replaced 1 of the 6 bulbs. What a difference between the old ones and the new ones. Like the difference in light between a hazy day and a cloudless, sunny day. Just because a light still works doesnt mean its still producing at its highest level. The brightness fades some with time. In 2 weeks since I can see pick up in the growth of the plants I had growing already. Ive been told replace at least once a year

  • Anonymous

    What watt lamps are u using

  • Chillin villain

    I have two indoor cannabis plants growing currently for personal medical usage. Both are female, but one plant has leaves that are ‘taco’ I don’t feel I have my lights too close as they are around 1.5 feet from both saliva strains. What could my issue be?

  • canna grower

    Sounds like you have 1 male and one female. You didn’t really want that male in there.It has pollinated the female, thus degraded the quality of your female.It is still smokable after you get all the seed out.First flush it them trim than cure it.
    As for those white spots,sounds like spider mites.Bad news Depending on how bad they are.You can spray it with (SAFER SOAP ) every 3 or 4 days for a couple of weeks If the plant is ripe enough, chop it down now and burn all the infected leaves and stems.I would need to see some pics to give you more info.

  • milly

    i have new plants that i started this spring ,i grew them indoors ,march until june , and then outside in the sun ,they grew and looked great ( my babys ) now arround a week age 2 of them had seeds and another had none (must be a boy ) then they had white stuff on there leafs .. and flowers and seeds dont know what to do now help weedie mom

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