Cannabis Butter


– 500 grams Butter/Ghee (preferably Organic)
– 50 grams Powdered/Broken Up Flowers/Sugar Leaf Material
– 2 x 2 Litre Glass Bowls
– Medium Pan (to sit 2 litre bowl in)
– Sieve
– Smaller Bowl (.5-1 litre, for butter to set in when finished)
– Wooden Spoon



Using what is called the double boiler method,fill the pan till the bowl sits in the pan with the water about 1 inch around the side, the bowl must not touch the bottom of the pan.

Put the pan on the stove bring up to boil, then drop onto the lowest setting so the water is just bubbling gently away.

Place the handle of a desert spoon between the pan and the glass bowl to create a gap for the steam to escape by, otherwise you run the risk of the water boiling over the sides of the pan.

Add the butter into the bowl cut up, and wait till it melts.

Then add the flowers/material, that has been broken up, and stir in for a few minutes, then you can leave it, making sure it does not boil dry, and stirring every 5 minutes for the initial first half hour, then every so often.

Do this for about one and a half – 2 hours.

Then leave to one side for about 5-10 mins, then drain using the sieve and pressing with the back of spoon into another bowl, if you fluff it up a bit and let it cool slightly till you can handle it , squeeze the weed so it squashes out every last bit of butter.

Let the butter cool in the fridge

Use the butter (if keeping in the fridge) within 1 week, or freeze it when its been baked into cakes, biscuits, etc, or frozen into 50 – 100 gram portions.

Cannabutter will go a lime green colour due to the chlorophyll in the plant, this will be less if using material thats been used in an ice hash process, as the water will of removed a fair deal of it.

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