Buddha Haze Cannabis Sativa Strain

Buddha Haze

Big Buddha Seeds

Sativa 85 / Indica 15
Origins: Amnesia Haze x Manga Rosa
Flowering: 75-90 days

While living in Amsterdam, Big Buddha breeders managed to acquire many different clones for personal headstash. One of these was an amazing pheno of Amnesia Haze. This specific cutting was a Bubblegum phenotype that descended from two previous Cannabis Cup winners. The mother was an Amsterdam coffeeshop clone related to three great hazes: Super Silver Haze, Amnesia Haze, and G-13 Haze. Big Buddha took this haze pheno to Spain, where oops – she got knocked up with the feminized pollen of a Manga Rosa plant, a landrace strain acquired by friends when they traveled through Brazil.

The happy accident of this cross produced a beautiful baby girl, the Buddha Haze. This is a haze treat befitting the Buddha in everyone. She has a unique taste blending mango haze with pure sativa tones in a way that is usually found only in South America. From the start, the Buddha Haze is an attractive plant with elegant sativa-slender leaves. The haze structure has loose branching and forms heavy flower tops that benefit from supports. Indoor gardeners should flower this plant soon after establishing vegetation, since haze sativas really do like to stretch out. Given the super long 10-14 week season she requires, most Buddha Haze growers will probably be gardening indoors.

Like all haze-dominant plants, the Buddha Haze requires a gardener who is devoted, attentive, and knowledgeable. This pretty gal is a fussy plant who has particular tastes. The more experienced sativa or haze gardener will fare better with this variety. Buddha Haze eats light and does not like too many nutrients. She will cooperate in both hydro and soil systems and prefers things warmer, thriving in slightly hot environments and showing her displeasure when the room gets too chilly.

Buddha Haze’s light green calyxes form contact bunches along the branches, growing long tendrils that turn copper as they mature. The smell of haze is strong in the garden air. This is one of the sweeter tasting hazes out there, mixing the pungent sweet fruit flavors with a mango edge and a hint of sweet bubblegum candy. The Buddha Haze high has no ceiling – the sky is the limit. The strong and seamless beginning builds in a long euphoric rush, making Buddha Haze good for parties or festivities of all kinds. The buzz creates a very functional state because it keeps an alert, electric, and cheerful vibe that inspires throught without causing one’s mind to wander off.

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