Caribe Weed Strain



Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1


Genetics: Jamaican Lambsbread x Northern Lights #5 / Haze
Flowering: 70-80 days
Harvest: mid October
Yield: medium / high

CannaBioGen has carved out a fantastic reputation for themselves thanks to their dedication to their work and their spectacularly reliable genetics. Their sativa dominant Caribe strain is a triple whammy of phenomenal genetics, as it is a backcross between their most resilient sativa from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica and an award winning Northern Lights #5 / Haze cross.

This plant is a dream for indoor growers, as it is both high yielding and relatively small. The stature can be attributed to the Northern Lights #5 influence, as can the dense, dank buds that grow with impressive vigor from the very start of flowering. Even in more humid climates, Caribe shows a high resistance to all pests and problems.

Breeders recommend that you subject the crop to a minimum of 30 days in the vegetative stage, to ensure optimum performance, followed by a 70 to 80 day flowering period. There should be no need for concern about odor control even in the later stages of flowering; though these plants do give off a pleasant aroma it is nowhere near the Skunk style permeating stink that gets in your clothes and hair and screams to everyone in the area, “I am growing pot!” However, you may notice that as the buds begin to get more dense and heavy, the plant’s branches will strain under the weight and start to droop. At the first signs of this happening, you should stake these suffering branches to help them hold the weight – you certainly don’t want the branches to snap or the plants to fall over altogether.

Another breeder’s tip is to shorten the light period incrementally from 12 to 8 hours in the final 2 weeks of flowering, to augment resin production and stop the re-flowering that is common in many sativa dominant hybrids. If you are growing outside, this may not be an option, but by this point in the grow outdoor cultivators will be so taken with their beautiful plants and the thrilling amount of buds they’re carrying that they won’t be too concerned.

If you manage to keep your hands off those delicious looking flowers for the full 80 days of flowering, then give a full 2 weeks to the curing process, you’ll find yourself a ridiculously clear and sharp Caribe high from the first toke. Your senses are heightened and colors seem clearer, even the time seems to be at the mercy of your whims. You’ll feel a slight body tingle to remind you of the indica influence, but this smoke is sativa in every other way, and you’ll coast through on that head high for a good long while until it deposits you gently back down to earth and you start packing the next bowl.

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