Eclipse Marijuana Strain


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Sativa 60 / Indica 40
Origins: Bubble Gum 95 x Hindu Kush #12
Flowering: 60-70 days
Harvest: late October

Eclipse is a mostly sativa hybrid with a sweet taste and long tendrils of hair on the buds. It has commonalities with the notorious Bubble Gum.

A great variety for the young or young at heart, Eclipse offers clear, jubilant effects. The buzz creates a mind expanding sensation, which make it great for meditation or other activities that would benefit from an enhanced sense of concentration. It has one of the fruitiest tastes that can be achieved and smells unbelievably fruity when growing.

This plant’s height is easily controlled. Yield is dependent on growing skill, but Eclipse can harvest generously for a dominantly sativa hybrid. A great home grower variety, Eclipse does well in hydroponic or soil systems. Don’t be tempted to harvest before these girls have reached full maturity. Eclipse needs a full 8-9 weeks before she’s ready, but has a safety zone for guerilla gardeners. This variety will stand as long as 10 weeks without any problems, if harvesting should be delayed. Leaving Eclipse for a full 10 weeks does not seems to improve the yield, taste, or offer any other notable advantage than the recommended 60 day harvest, but could come in handy if a long window of opportunity is needed. Eclipse’s resin production, which is considerable, reaches its peak in the 8th week.

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