Polar Light Cannabis Sativa Strain

Polar Light

Dutch Passion

Sativa / Ruderalis
Origins: Isis x ruderalis
Flowering: 45-55 days

Polar Light is part of the new generation of cananbis seed technology called “autofem” seeds. As a feminized, autoflowering plant, Polar Light allows plants to be grown from seed to finish in 8-10 weeks, with no worries about sexing or lighting adjustments.

This variety is a result of a complicated hybridization between a fast maturing ruderalis and Dutch Passion’s acclaimed Isis. Isis is generally regarded asa a fine connoisseur sativa with clear, energetic qualities and satisfying yields. This combination provides a fast growing, low maintenance strain that delivers potent sativa stash.

The Polar Light plant is stocky yet narrow, taking an attractive shape and forming ample, resinous buds. These plants are not overly branchy, making them suitable to the sea of green style. No matter how short the summer, outdoor gardeners should be able to target a few months of good weather to grow an ounce or two of excellent quality marijuana from each Polar Light plant they sow. In short-summer regions, seeds should be planted at the start or the warmest, sunniest part of the season, and Mother Nature will take care of the rest. Indoors, a 20 on / 4 off light cycle is recommended. After about 2.5 weeks of vegetative growth, Polar Light automatically transitions in to the flowering stage for about 7 weeks. At finish, the average height is around 2 feet (50-70cm). While the per-plant yields of 25-50 grams are modest, this is offset by the fact that it is possible to complete 2 or 3 separate crops in a year. These plants can be grown in pots or directly in the ground.

Autofem seeds are making headlines for all the right reasons. Their easy of growth, short season, and highly adaptable nature make them a fast track plant for quality stash. Growers who like to work with autofem seeds are encouraged to try this strain and prepare to be dazzled by the twinkly, attractive buds that result.

Polar Light’s colas are not only solid, compact, and resinous, but their aroma has delicious notes of the fruity-sweet and some spice with hints of haze. The genetic heritage from the Isis gives a great sativa stone that will appeal to haze enthusiasts. This is a clear, cerebral, and energetic high, a lasting experience that may seem to soar ever higher over its duration. Polar Light is a good strain to get the creative juices flowing.

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