Rox Marijuana Strain


Paradise Seeds

Origins: Swiss Highland strain
Flowering: 64 days
Harvest: mid September

Paradise Seed’s Rox is named for her hard, dense buds – little green “rocks” of plant matter that are coated in resin. This plant’s parents were found in high regions of Switzerland, where the local pot farmers claimed it was the only plant they could cultivate at that altitude due to the short season and the cold foggy weeks that preceded autumn’s arrival. Rox has been bred to retain this hardiness, but with a larger stature and higher yield. Paradise estimates that Rox will grow well outdoors in a wide belt from 15 degrees below the equator to 55 degrees North or South latitude.

“Density” is the key word fo Rox. her small stature will please gardeners with limited room or security worries. By harvest she forms a conical, slightly leaning Matterhorn of buds on her main cola spiked by a few long, yucca-like leaves. Sea of green is a great system for this little tower of buds.

Rox has a sharp-sweet palate, like a strawberry so cold and so sugary that it almost tastes minty. This variety gives an energetic and even jolting buzz that tends to be more strongly felt in the body’s nerves than the grey matter. A good variety for the fan of potent highs, Rox often stones users with the first good hit, circulating its buzz like an electric current through the body. It often comes on so fast that it rings the ears and revs the heart in an amusement-ride type of adrenaline rush. not a 9 to 5 smoke, Rox likes to go to parties where there will be some dancing and who knows what else as the night heats up.

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