Shiva Skunk Cannabis Indica Strain

Shiva Skunk

Sensi Seed Bank

Origins: Skunk 18.5 x Northern Lights 5
Flowering: 45-55 days
Harvest: early October

Shiva Skunk shows the excellent vigor of a well-chosen hybrid, making it a snap to grow. Shiva (related to the original Shiva Shanti) was a selected Afghani type that was part of the Sensi Seed gene bank in the 1980s. When the Seed bank and Sensi Seeds merged in 1990, the original Shiva mother was replaced by the top Northern Lights strain – NL 5. The Skunk 18.5 originates from the Skunk #1, but is a backcrossed line. A combination of two power plants, Shiva Skunk retains the sweet pungency of her Skunk parent, but has the higher yield and more profuse resin content of the Northern Lights family. While suitable only for an indoor grow in Holland’s wet weather, this variety may do well outdoors in the more forgiving weather of Spain or California. Most indoor methods will give pleasing results, including a sea of green style garden. Sensi’s Cannabis Castle growers recommend hydroponic methods for a clean and easy growing experience.

Shiva Skunk is a potent, quick indica that has become popular with commercial growers. Very reliable and stable, this indica strain is hardly skunk and very Northern Lights in appearance. As with the original NL 5, you can expect that your plants will not stretch very much but stay short with dense, super resinous indica flowers. You can practically leave your scissors behind when harvesting, the foliage is minimal. Delivering a sweet, fragrant smoke, Shiva Skunk will yield sweet, spicy buds that give a psychedelically stoney buzz. A kaleidoscope and some Shiva Skunk is a recipe for hours or entertainment.

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3 comments to Shiva Skunk Marijuana Strain

  • Keith Langley

    I’m currently on the guardianship program in Texas, so I’m HOPING that I’ll be allowed to order sum of this, so I can start a harvest?!We pot smoker’s NEED to unite, and DEMAND pot’s DE decriminalization!It’s just 1 of G.O.D.’s gifts to humanity! It CAN do so VERY many things, which is WHY I believe it WAS made illegal. The TRUTH of the matter is THIS, we never could’ve made it to the U.S. if it weren’t for the cannabis plant, what other fiber could’ve taken the corrosive effects of sea air. NONE, where do you think the it got the name CANvis? It is from the plant it made from!Cannabis is what CANvis IS made from! I’ll tell you where to send my bill, when I’m ready to order, Ok?!

  • Not Josh

    Shiva Skunk was the first strain I grew. Very easy, very resilient and the final product was fantastic!

  • imposter

    I would suggest Sensi Seed’s “Shiva Skunk” (NL#5 X SK#1). Very close nodes, sweet, fragrant smoke. Great yield and it will finish in about 55 days. Very high calyx to leaf ratio. Great resin production. I grew this strain for 4 years in a SOG format and I was very, very impressed. Very easy to grow, cloning is a breeze. Only problem I had is that after about 3 years the high started to get a little weaker and the yields did go down slightly. It just seemed to lose some of its vigor. So if you used it for 2 years or so, it could very well be what you are looking for.

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