Simbay Moon Weed Strain

Simbay Moon

Ganjah Seeds

Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1

60% Sativa / 40% Indica

Genetics: Mexican Sativa x Afghani
Flowering: 65 days
Harvest: mid October
THC: 16%

Ganjah Seeds are a great young company operating out of San Sebastian in Spain, who spend their time drinking sangria and growing killer weed. Simbay Moon is one of their original strains, and was bred from a Mexican sativa plant and a beautiful Afghani indica. This union resulted in a sativa dominant hybrid with great genes and bags of personality.

The Mexican sativa influence in Simbay Moon gives a very tall plant with quite a bit of stretch, but the calming influence of the Afghani genetics makes this hybrid easier to handle than you might expect. There’s a lot of vigorous growth here, but the stalk is thick and sturdy with a fantastic root structure, so Simbay Moon can certainly hold its own. This might not be true later on in flowering, however, with the large buds weighing down the branches, making it necessary to stake or otherwise support your plant until its ready for harvest time. Outdoors, this plant can grow up to ten feet, though indoors, a little training can keep it a few feet shorter.

Once harvest time does roll around, in mid-October, you’ll be intoxicated by the exotic, fruity aromas of the cured bud before you even get a chance to smoke them up. That first toke, however, will hit you like a 6-foot wave and plant you face first into a cerebral, active high that carries a good amount of body stone once the energy has worn off.

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