Special Haze Marijuana Strain

Special Haze

KC Brains

Origins: Neville’s Haze x KC 606
Flowering: 63-70 days
Harvest: mid October

While most of KC’s varieties are designed to grow out in nature, this variety was intended for indoor cultivation. The child of a cross between Nevil’s Haze and KC 606, Special Haze retains many of the growth characteristics and effects that have given the Haze so much name recognition.

Special Haze is a giant girl, outpacing most plants in height. The internode spacing is beneficially closer than many other Haze crosses, giving more budding sites. An early flowering plant, Special Haze requires minimal if any vegetative time, and is often placed directly into a 12/12 lighting cycle as soon as it has rooted. Not well-adapted to a sea of green style garden, this strain does best with plenty of space and good soil, grown with its branching impact.

The cross with KC 606 has given this variety a shorter flowering time, but indoors it will still require 9-10 weeks. This plant should only be attempted in an outside garden by those who live in the tropics, where flowering requires 2 1/2 months to produce mature flowers. If you’ve had the chance to taste the distinct wildflower nuance of the Haze varieties, you will know why this variety is called special. The Haze flavor is intact, as is the high, which is thoughtful and relaxing without being sedating.

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