Stonehenge Marijuana Strain



Origins: Cambodian California & Western Winds
Flowering: 65 days
Harvest: mid October

Stonehenge was named to suggest one of the seven wonders of the world, the powerful English symbol that has mystified generations. The name also has a more literal meaning: tended correctly, this tall thick plant would make one hell of a stoney hedge. This variety blends a little Western Winds with a Cambodian California plant that Sagarmatha received from friends in Indiana to create a strong-flavored powerful plant with many beneficial qualities.

Stonehenge does not get extremely leafy, which simplifies manicuring. The colas are very crystally and hard with a terrific bouquet. This plant needs staking in any indoor environment, but performs optimally in a sea of green garden. The aroma and flavor have an acrid, spicy edge to an otherwise floral bouquet. The taste is slightly hashy, with a measure of sweet undertones.

Stonehenge averages in at a short height – only 3 feet (1 meter) indoors. Outdoors, this plant can get quite tall, looking as straight, tall and uniform as a crop of corn. When smoked, Stonehenge creeps into a full buzz, first delivering a little eyedroop, followed by a comfortably relaxed feeling. The slow onset is followed by a slow finish, making for a long-lasting high.

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