The Bulldog Haze Weed Strain

The Bulldog Haze

The Bulldog Seeds

Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1

60% Sativa / 40% Indica

Genetics: Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze
Flowering: 10-11 weeks
THC: 19%

The Bulldog coffeeshop was one of the first to open in Amsterdam, having first started life as an underground smokers’ den that had ‘counterculture’ written right through its bones. Thirty four years after The Bulldog opened, the guys decided to team up with some of the world’s best breeders and produce a range of their own seeds – and so The Bulldog Seeds was born. With so much competition the guys had a big challenge ahead of them, and they rose to it with ease; their original strain such as this, The Bulldog Haze, prove that they’re still ahead of the game. The breeders began with some fantastic genetics from that other Amsterdam mega company, Green House, and with two fantastic sativa hybrids under their arms, they cultivated a new classic. Green House’s Lemon Skunk came from the most popular strain ever, Skunk #1, while their Super Silver Haze is a mix of Skunk, Haze, and NL #5 genetics that never disappoints. Blending these two super plants together formed a sativa dominant strain that’s a high yielder and a great smoke.

As a more balanced hybrid, The Bulldog Haze doesn’t exhibit the extreme growth patterns that more sativa-heavy blends sometimes can. For that reason, this plant is suitable for both indoor and outdoor grows, and can even be a good choice for those short on grow space and needing to be stealthy. It’s a hardy plant that can grow outdoors in colder temperatures and even on mountainsides with almost no protection, thanks to the indica influenced structure and resulting durability. It can also do well without many nutrient feedings ans as such, can be a good strain for those with a rookie, sparse, starter grow op and not much money to spend. However, like all of us, she still needs a little TLC from time to time, so don’t expect her to give back if you don’t spend a little energy making sure she’s happy; keeping good ventilation in the grow room will strengthen the structure further and if you’re growing outdoors, be sure to watch out for mold and pest problems. Within 11 weeks you should be able to harvest 600 to 700 grams of premium bud per square yard of grow space.

The smoke of The Bulldog Haze is a hard hitter, and one that tends towards indica effects as well as sativa. Both body and mind will feel weighty and relaxed, and this feeling will last a long good while, so don’t expect to be fully energized after a wake ‘n bake. Certainly don’t toke and then accidentally go to an energetic yoga class and then attempt to stay awake or keep up.

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