Zoid Fuel Weed Strain

Zoid Fuel

The Wizards of Oz

Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1

Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Genetics: Papua New Guinea Gold x Australian Bush Sativa x Chinese Indica
Flowering: 9-12 days

The Wizards of Oz are a new collective of Australian breeders including Wally Duck and the underground breeding star Moonunit. As if sharing a name with Frank Zappa’s kid isn’t cool enough, in his brilliantly named Zoid Fuel, Moonunit has created a heavy sativa hybrid which is interesting for its lack of any North American or European lineage. With Asian influence on the pure Australian genetics of Moonunit’s Fuel line, Zoid Fuel definitely stands out from the crowds, and is a testament to Moonunit’s tireless efforts to bring high quality and very exciting Australian strains to the wider community.

A ‘bush plant’ bred and homogenized to be grown indoors, Zoid Fuel takes very well to amended soil. The breeders have worked hard to reduce the flowering time of this line and as such, this plant should be fully finished in about 9-12 weeks. As a bush plant, this strain, like most Australians I’ve met, much prefers being outdoors and will be energized and revitalized by the natural light until its almost glowing with life. It might even get a tan if you’re lucky. The plants are very responsive to light, so if you’re growing indoors you should keep a sharp eye on how close they are growing to the bulbs, and move the light source accordingly – movable lights are a great investment before starting to grow this strain. Midway through the vegetative stage is the best time to push the growth with a healthy dose of nutrients, though this should be slowed down once flowering starts. The myriad tastes of this strain are one of its greatest traits, so be sure not to use any synthetic nutrients towards the end of flowering and do a good flush with blackstrap molasses for 2 weeks before the cut. It would be a travesty to lose the taste to a chemical flavor.

A pleasant plethora of tastes including the mad mix of fuel, mint and incense, Zoid Fuel is much tastier than it sounds. Even if you’ve been smoking other strains all night long, once you light up a blunt of this, it will cut straight through the haze of other smoke and hit you right between the eyes. The smoke of this bud gives a typical sativa high that comes through in waves, getting more intense with every break, just like a Gold Coast surf trip. Starting in your head, it will move through your body and give you energy and enough gab to keep on talking all night long.

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