Chapter 12: Hydroponic Gardening

Marijuana Horticulture

Chapter 12: Hydroponic Gardening Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor / Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible

by Jorge Cervantes

Hydroponics is the science of growing plants without soil, most often in a soilless mix. In fact, many growers are already cultivating hydroponically. Cultivating clones in rockwool, peat moss, and coconut fiber […]

Aeroponic Misting & Fogging

Aeroponic Misting & Fogging


Any water droplet smaller than 50 microns is considered fog. There is ‘wet’ fog and ‘dry’ fog. Wet fog has a particle size in the range of 10-50 microns. Dry fog is produced by ultrasonic systems and has particles in the range of 2-10 microns.

Dry fogging systems […]

Hydroponics set-ups

Cannabis Grow Bible

Hydroponics set-ups The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

There are many hydroponics systems out there but here are ones that are most commonly used.

Nutrient Film Technique – NFTFlood & DrainEbb & FlowDrip Irrigation SystemAeroponicsAutomatic hydroponics PotsManual hydroponics Pots


An NFT system is an all-in-one […]

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