Warlock marijuana


Magus Genetics

HybridOrigins: Skunk x AfghanFlowering: 55-60 daysHarvest: late October

“Warlock” connotes a master of the dark arts, a male witch or magus. Magus Genetics’ Warlock strain comes from a wizard’s pouch of indica-dominant bag seed. Magus estimates that, for the […]

Tahoe Gold Marijuana Strain

Tahoe Gold Marijuana

Tahoe Gold

Master Thai Organics

Indica 50 / Sativa 50Origins: Thai / Skunk #1 x Afghan / HinduFlowering: 55-65 days

Tahoe Gold is a 50/50 sativa / indica hybrid that mixes four classic “heirloom” strains of 1970s landrace cannabis. The mother is […]

Sugar Babe Marijuana Strain

Sugar Babe Marijuana

Sugar Babe

Paradise Seeds

HybridOrigins: Afghan Indica x Swiss White strainFlowering: 54-60 daysHarvest: early October

Sugar Babe is the result of a union between a traditional indica hailing from the region of marijuana’s purported birthplace and a mixture of Swiss-developed strains that […]

Moroc x Afghan Marijuana Strain

Moroc x Afghan Marijuana

Moroc x Afghan

Nirvana Seeds

Indica 65 / Sativa 35Origins: Nirvana Afghan x strain from Ketama regionFlowering: 63 daysHarvest: mid October

This strain combines tasty strains traditionally used for hash-making – and Afghani mother and a strain from the Ketama region of […]


Mazar Marijuana


Dutch Passion

Indica 80 / Sativa 20Origins: Afghan x Skunk #1Flowering: 56-63 daysHarvest: mid November

Named for the cannabis growing center in Afghanistan, Maza-I-Shariff, this variety derives from a resinous indica descended from marijuana’s motherlands, and Skunk #1 mother that adds […]

Maple Leaf Indica

Maple Leaf Indica Marijuana

Maple Leaf Indica

Sensi Seed Bank

IndicaOrigins: Ort 15 x Sam crossed with Afghan Skunk x Skunk 18.5Flowering: 45-50 daysHarvest: early September

This pure indica strain grows dark, fat leaves that suggest both the classic “marijuana” symbol and the maple leaf symbol […]

LA Confidential

LA Confidential Marijuana

LA Confidential

DNA Genetics

IndicaOrigins: California indica x Afghan indicaFlowering: 46-56 daysHarvest: early October

LA Confidential is a commercial seed strain that captures the genetics of OG Kush. An Afghan strain grown from clones, OG Kush first became popular in the Los […]

Jock Horror

Jock Horror Marijuana

Jock Horror

Nirvana Seeds

Sativa 70 / Indica 30Origins: Haze 19 / Skunk x Afghan / SkunkFlowering: 55-60 days

Jock Horror is Nirvana’s twist on the family of strains that arose around the Jack Herer name. The mother is a Haze […]


Flo Marijuana


DJ Short Seeds

Sativa 60 / Indica 40Origins: Purple Thai x Afghan IndicaFlowering: 50-55 daysHarvest: late September

A member of DJ Short’s Delta 9 Blue Collection, Flo is an exciting plant. A sativa look-alike that matures early, Flo’s name may reflect […]


Devil Marijuana


Mr. Nice Seed Bank

IndicaOrigins: Afghan x Afghan / SkunkFlowering: 56-70 daysHarvest: late October

Breeder Shantibaba likes to play with the names he gives various breeds by rehabilitating words with negative connotations and applying them to something good. As he says, […]

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