Azure Haze

Azure Haze marijuana strain

Azure Haze DJ Short Seeds

Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1

mostly Sativa

Genetics: Silver Haze x BlueberryFlowering: 9-10 weeksTHC: 17%

It definitely cannot be said […]

Skywalker Marijuana Strain

Skywalker marijuana


Dutch Passion

Indica Origins: Blueberry x Mazar Flowering: 8-9 weeks Harvest: late October


Skywalker is a cross of two award-winning indicas – Blueberry (1st prize HTCC 2000, 3rd prize HTCC 2001) and Mazar (2nd prize HTCC 1999, 2nd price […]

Chapter 7: Outdoors

Marijuana Horticulture

Chapter 7: Outdoors Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor / Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible

by Jorge Cervantes

Much of the information that pertains specifically to outdoor cultivation is in this chapter. Many of the subjects in this chapter are covered in great detail in other chapters of the book. References […]

Whitaker Blues

Whitaker Blues marijuana

Whitaker Blues

DJ Short

Indica 80 / Sativa 20Origins: Quimby x BlueberryFlowering: 55-62 days

Whitaker Blues is a true Oregon heritage cross developed by DJ Short’s son, JD. The mother of this strain is currently referred to as “Quimby”; an old-school West […]


Vanilluna marijuana


DJ Short

Indica 50 / Sativa 50Origins: Blueberry Sativa x Original BlueberryFlowering: 56-63 daysHarvest: October

Vanilluna – aka “Vanilla Moon” – is a Kush-like quasi-hybrid named for its complex yet subtle creamy vanilla-honeyed palate. This Oregon strain’s parents are both Blueberry […]

True Blue

True Blue Marijuana

True Blue

DJ Short Seeds

Sativa 50 / Indica 50Origins: Blueberry x BlueberryFlowering: 55-65 daysHarvest: late September

When the breeder of the original Blueberry releases a variety named “True Blue”, Blueberry fans are in for a delight. DJ Short’s True Blue was […]

Smoothie Marijuana Strain

Smoothie Marijuana


California Bean Bank

Indica 70 / Sativa 30Origins: Blueberry x SomangoFlowering: 50-60 days

The Smoothie strain actually sounds like it is made from the kinds of things you might mix up with your yogurt in the morning for a tasty treat. […]

Silver Blue Marijuana Strain

Silver Blue Marijuana

Silver Blue

Homegrown Fantaseeds

Indica 60 / Sativa 40Origins: Silver Pearl x BlueberryFlowering: 56-63 daysHarvest: mid October

An indica/sativa mix with just slightly more indica, Silver Blue is the “Big Bud” of the White weed varieties. This strain is olive green with […]

Grape Krush

Grape Krush Marijuana

Grape Krush

DJ Short

Indica 60 / Sativa 40Origins: Blueberry line parentsFlowering: 55-65 daysHarvest: early October

Grape Krush belongs to the Blueberry family bred by DJ Short. The Blueberry strains mix indica with haze for a combination of happy stone and easy, […]


F-13 Marijuana


DJ Short

Sativa 60 / Indica 40Origins: Flo x BlueberryFlowering: 55-65 daysHarvest: late September

F-13 is a top quality connoisseur variety developed with the indoor soil grower in mind. Even so, it adapts well to hydroponic systems, performing especially well in […]

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