Chapter 3: Vegetative Growth

Marijuana Horticulture

Chapter 3: Vegetative Growth Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor / Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible

by Jorge Cervantes

The seedling growth stage lasts for about two to three weeks after seeds have germinated. Once a strong root system is established and foliage growth increases rapidly, seedlings enter the vegetative growth […]

Growing Cannabis

Growing Cannabis

Growing Marijuana in Rockwool

In the previous chapter, we’ve told you what equipment you need to grow hemp. Furthermore you’ve been initiated into the secrets of good climate control to reach an optimal result. Up until now, we haven’t said a word about the living material […]

Marijuana Cultivation

General information about marijuana cultivation

Growing marijuana indoors or outdoors

When looking at the three most common forms of growing marijuana, you will find inside, outside and greenhouse growing. Which route you choose will likely boil down to what kind of weather your area has and what your local legislation says about growing […]

Clones and Mother Plants

Marijuana Grow Basics

Clones and Mother Plants Marijuana Grow Basics by Jorge Cervantes

Making clones is the most efficient and productive means of cannabis propagation for most growers. A clone is a branch tip cut from a (female) mother marijuana plant that has been planted and has grown roots. Female clones can be induced to flower as […]

ABCs of Growing Indoors

Marijuana Grow Basics

ABCs of Growing Indoors Marijuana Grow Basics by Jorge Cervantes


Cannabis (aka marijuana or marihuana) seeds are easy to purchase via mail order. You can buy them from seed companies that advertise in magazines like High Times, Cannabis Culture, Soft Secrets, Weed World, etc. Or you can find them on the internet from […]

Marijuana Cloning Methods

Marijuana Cloning Methods

Cloning is asexual reproduction. Cuttings are taken from a mother plant in vegetative growth, and rooted in hydroponic medium to be grown as a separate plant. The offspring will be plants that are identical to the parent plant.

Cloning preserves the character of your favorite plant. Cloning can make an […]

Should I start my grow from clones or seeds?

Should I start my grow from clones or seeds?


Growers face the decision to start a grow from either seeds or rooted clones. The decision is not obvious, as both growing options have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Growers may have to weigh growing space, crop risk and turn around time.

Clones […]

Cubing and backcrossing

Cannabis Grow Bible

Cubing and backcrossing The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

Our first cross between the Master Kush plant and the Silver Haze is known as the F1 hybrid cross. Let us pretend for the moment that both traits are homozygous for leaf colour. The Haze is pale green […]

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