Marijuana Grow Basics

Harvesting Marijuana Grow Basics by Jorge Cervantes

Harvest when plants are at peak ripeness. Harvest timing is critical. The peak harvest window is open for roughly 5-7 days. Most growers manicure harvested buds before drying them slowly and evenly so THC is preserved. After drying, buds must cure so that full aroma and flavor […]


Cannabis Grow Bible

Curing The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

As soon as the branches are brittle you should consider canning your bud. Canning is a great way to get the most from your bud. Find a can with a removable lid. The more cans you have the better. […]

Chapter 14

Cannabis Grow Bible

Harvesting and curing your bud The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

Harvesting is the act of reaping your rewards and is without a doubt the most fun you will have with your garden. First of all you should know that harvesting smells. It stinks up the […]

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