Niagara x Shiva Marijuana Strain

Niagara x Shiva Marijuana

Niagara x Shiva

Greenthumb Seeds

Sativa 50 / Indica 50Origins: Niagara x ShivaFlowering: 50-60 daysHarvest: mid October

Niagara x Shiva was developed as a cross in order to capture the happy, silly effect of Sensi’s Shiva in combination with Niagara’s devastating potency. […]

Niagara Marijuana Strain

Niagara Marijuana


Greenthumb Seeds

Sativa 75 / Indica 25Origins: Oaxacan sativa x Afghani indicaFlowering: 45-55 daysHarvest: mid October

Some traveling stories lie behind this variety. In formulating Niagara, Dr. Greenthumb collected seeds from Oaxaca in Mexico and Jalalabad, which is east of Kabul […]


Millenium Marijuana


Greenthumb Seeds

Indica 75 / Sativa 25Origins: Iranian Indica x (Niagara x Shiva)Flowering: 50 daysHarvest: late September

Dr. Greenthumb hand-selected the indica from the eastern mountains of Iran that dominates this hybrid. Millennium is balanced with a 25 percent cross of […]

Iranian Autoflower Marijuana Strain

Iranian Autoflower Marijuana

Iranian Autoflower

Greenthumb Seeds

IndicaOrigins: Iranian x NA S1Flowering: 40-50 days

Iran is also widely known as Persia. This home to one of the world’s oldest known continuous major civilizations has a long history with cannabis, and in particular with hashish, including […]

Huron Marijuana Strain

Huron Marijuana


Greenthumb Seeds

Indica 75 / Sativa 25Origins: Niagara x White WidowFlowering: 56-63 daysHarvest: late September

This cross of Dr. Greenthumb’s flagship breed, Niagara, and the famed White Widow was developed with the outdoor grower in mind. Called Huron to honor its […]

Early Swazi Skunk Marijuana Strain

Early Swazi Skunk Marijuana

Early Swazi Skunk

Greenthumb Seeds

SativaOrigins: Swazi Skunk x Swazi SkunkFlowering: 50-56 daysHarvest: mid September

Early Swazi Skunk is Eastern Canada’s answer to a short-season pure cannabi sativa strain for outdoor growers. This variety was originally brought from South Africa, where Dr. […]

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