Chapter 6: Grow Rooms & Greenhouses

Marijuana Horticulture

Chapter 6: Grow Rooms & Greenhouses Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor / Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible

by Jorge Cervantes

The best location for a grow room is in an obscure corner of a basement, where the temperature is easy to keep constant year-round. Basements are well insulated by concrete […]

Necessities and Climate Control

Necessities and Climate Control

Growing Marijuana in Rockwool

In this chapter, everything necessary for home-growing is discussed. After describing the conditions required for your grow room, we pay some attention to the materials you need to get started. Two things are always important: proper climate control, and […]

Grow Cabinets, Closets, and Rooms

Marijuana Grow Basics

Grow Cabinets, Closets, and Rooms Marijuana Grow Basics by Jorge Cervantes

This chapter is where you put it all together to set up your grow room and cultivate the best crop in the world! Before you set up the room, you will need to determine how much to grow. Afterward you must decide on […]

Cleaning the grow room

Cannabis Grow Bible

Cleaning the grow room The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

It is very important to keep your grow room lean. If this cannot be maintained you should stop growing marijuana immediately, because diseases can arise very fast in a filthy environment. These toxic elements can mess up […]

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