Sweet Purple

Sweet Purple Marijuana

Sweet Purple

Paradise Seeds

HybridOrigins: Purple strain x Dutch strain x mystery strainHarvest: mid September

Sweet Purple is a hybrid of 3 varieties: a purple variety, and early-finishing and large-yielding Dutch variety and a third, mystery strain of a strong potency. As […]

Matanuska Tundra Marijuana Strain

Matanuska Tundra Marijuana

Matanuska Tundra

Sagarmatha Seeds

HybridOrigins: Alaskan hybridFlowering: 60-68 daysHarvest: late October

Given to Sagarmatha from growers in the Matanuska Valley, this variety revives the majestic, legendary pot of the great Alaskan northland. This strain has also been known as Matanuska Thunderfuck, but […]

Island Sweet Skunk Marijuana Strain

Island Sweet Skunk Marijuana

Island Sweet Skunk Next Generation Seed Company

Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1

70% Sativa / 30% Indica

Genetics: Skunk x Grapefruit IndicaFlowering: 65 daysTHC: 17%


Headband Marijuana Strain

Headband Marijuana


DNA Genetics

Indica 70 / Sativa 30Origins: Sour Diesel x OG KushFlowering: 63-70 days

Imagine, if you will, throwing caution and all fashion sense to the wind, and donning a headband a la John McEnroe in the early ’80s or […]

Hash Heaven Marijuana Strain

Hash Heaven Marijuana

Hash Heaven

Soma Seeds

Indica 50 / Sativa 50Origins: Hash Plant x Lavender x G-13 HazeFlowering: 70-84 daysHarvest: mid November

Hash Heaven is one of several crosses Soma has made from the G-13 genetics brought to Amsterdam by the seed breeder Neville […]

Grape Krush

Grape Krush Marijuana

Grape Krush

DJ Short

Indica 60 / Sativa 40Origins: Blueberry line parentsFlowering: 55-65 daysHarvest: early October

Grape Krush belongs to the Blueberry family bred by DJ Short. The Blueberry strains mix indica with haze for a combination of happy stone and easy, […]

G-13 Haze x NYC Diesel

G-13 Haze x NYC Diesel Marijuana

G-13 Haze x NYC Diesel

Soma Seeds

Sativa 60 / Indica 40Origins: G-13 haze x NYC DieselFlowering: 70-90 daysHarvest: early November

The G-13 Haze x new York City Diesel is one of several G-13 crosses that Soma has developed from his signature […]

Funxta'z Purple Cali Kush Marijuana Strain

Funxta'z Purple Cali Kush Marijuana

Funxta’z Purple Cali Kush

Don’t Panic Organix

Indica 60 / Sativa 40Origins: Granddaddy Purple x triple backcrossed OG KushFlowering: 56-63 daysHarvest: mid October

The Funxta’z Purple Cali Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid that blends a lanky OG Kush father with a mother […]


Flo Marijuana


DJ Short Seeds

Sativa 60 / Indica 40Origins: Purple Thai x Afghan IndicaFlowering: 50-55 daysHarvest: late September

A member of DJ Short’s Delta 9 Blue Collection, Flo is an exciting plant. A sativa look-alike that matures early, Flo’s name may reflect […]


Exile Marijuana


Magus Genetics

Indica 70 / Sativa 30Origins: White Widow x Northern Lights x WarlockFlowering: 60-67 daysHarvest: late October

Magus genetics likes to give its strains romantic names. in this case, the Exile is not a punishment, but more of an escape […]

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