Posh Marijuana Strain

Posh Marijuana


Cash Crop Ken

Indica 85 / Sativa 15Origins: Honey Pot Kush x KishFlowering: 50 daysHarvest: late September

Take the nuggety berry of Kish and cross it with a Honey Pot mother and Posh is what you get. This is a plant […]

Nuken Marijuana Strain

Nuken Marijuana


Cash Crop Ken

mostly IndicaOrigins: Kish x God BudFlowering: 49-56 daysHarvest: early October

Nuken is a Canadian native, a cross of a Kish father (see Kish) and God Bud mother. God Bud is a beloved purple skunk strain that has gathered […]

Kish Marijuana Strain

Kish Marijuana


Cash Crop Ken

mostly IndicaOrigins: Shishkaberry x ShishakberryFlowering: 42-45 daysHarvest: early September

In the language of pot breeding, “berry” strains are usually dark, strong indicas with sweet flavors. Kish is a cross of two Shishkaberries, which are themselves a Blueberry / […]

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