Tora Bora

Tora Bora Marijuana

Tora Bora

DNA / Reserva Privada

IndicaOrigins: LA Confidential x pure PakistaniFlowering: 56-63 daysHarvest: mid October

The Tora Bora is a peaceful meeting of pure Pakistani and pure Afghani. This cross of two legendary indicas results in a great stash of bluish-green […]

Somalicious Marijuana Strain

Somalicious Marijuana


Soma’s Sacred Seeds

IndicaOrigins: LA Confidential x LavenderFlowering: 70 days

This all-indica strain is not only delicious, it is Somalicious. If you follow the breeding scene, you may already know that Soma strains have a reputation as heavenly headstash that […]

L.A.P.D. Marijuana Strain

L.A.P.D. Marijuana


California Bean Bank

Indica 50 / Sativa 50Origins: LA Confidential x Purple DieselFlowering: 56-63 days

L.A.P.D. stand for LA Confidential Purple Diesel, which incorporates the names of both parents for this strain while giving this strain an unmistakably West coast address. […]

LA Confidential

LA Confidential Marijuana

LA Confidential

DNA Genetics

IndicaOrigins: California indica x Afghan indicaFlowering: 46-56 daysHarvest: early October

LA Confidential is a commercial seed strain that captures the genetics of OG Kush. An Afghan strain grown from clones, OG Kush first became popular in the Los […]

Cataract Kush

Cataract Kush Marijuana

Cataract Kush

DNA Genetics

IndicaOrigins: OG Kush x LA ConfidentialFlowering: 56-63 daysHarvest: mid October

Cataract Kush is a full-on indica, drawing from East-meets-West indica genetics. It is the progeny of a legendary Los Angeles OG Kush clone and DNA Genetics’ LA Confidential […]

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