Krystalica marijuana strain

Krystalica Mandala Seeds

Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1

75% Sativa / 25% Indica

Genetics: Kerala, South India x Nepali LandraceFlowering: 65-72 daysYield: 350-450 gr/m2THC: 18-20%; CBD: […]

White Satin Marijuana Strain

White Satin marijuana

White Satin

Mandala Seeds

Indica 50 / Sativa 50Origins: Punjab, North IndiaFlowering: 65 daysHarvest: mid October

This robust variety is subtle in aroma and silky smooth in taste. White Satin is a good choice for the novice gardener and experiences grower alike. […]

Speed Queen Marijuana Strain

Speed Queen Marijuana

Speed Queen

Mandala Seeds

mostly IndicaOrigins: Himachal Pradesh, North IndiaFlowering: 55 daysHarvest: mid September

Speed Queen is a tough indica strain known for her fast flowering time and early resin production. With an easygoing temperament, this strain is a good choice for […]

Satori Marijuana Strain

Satori Marijuana


Mandala Seeds

HybridOrigins: Lucid Dreams x sativa hybridFlowering: 70-75 daysHarvest: mid November

Satori is a gentle sativa that open the doors of perception. She’s also a huge yielder, indoors or out, in soil or hydro. Satori seedling grow thin – tall […]

Sadhu Marijuana Strain

Sadhu Marijuana


Mandala Seeds

Indica 70 / Sativa 30Origins: Kashmir, North IndiaFlowering: 60-65 daysHarvest: late September

Sadhu is a homage to the legendary ganja from India’s high altitude valleys, and to the wandering ascetics, or sadhus, who keep the traditions of cannabis cultivation […]

Kalichakra Marijuana Strain

Kalichakra Marijuana


Mandala Seeds

HybridOrigins: Crystal Queen x White SatinFlowering: 70-75 daysHarvest: late October

Kalichakra was named after the Hindu Goddess Kali, the consort to the ganja smoking Lord Shiva famed for her omnipotent powers over life and death. This sativa prefers a […]

Hashberry Marijuana Strain

Hashberry Marijuana


Mandala Seeds

mostly IndicaOrigins: California Indica x Kashmir strainFlowering: 60-65 daysHarvest: late September

Hashberry is the unique result of a rigorous selection from desirable parents, one of which contains landrace genetics from Kashmir, North India – home to generations of great […]

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