OZone marijuana strain

OZone Tree Town Seeds

Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1

75% Sativa / 25% Indica

Genetics: (Northern Lights x AK-47) x AK-47Flowering: 56-65 daysYield: 580 grams per […]


Caribe marijuana strain

Caribe CannaBioGen

Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1


Genetics: Jamaican Lambsbread x Northern Lights #5 / HazeFlowering: 70-80 daysHarvest: mid OctoberYield: medium / high

CannaBioGen […]

Apollo Jack

Apollo Jack marijuana strain

Apollo Jack Queen Seeds

Written by S.T.Oner, Cannabis Sativa vol.1

mostly Sativa

Origins: Northern Lights #5 x Apollo G-13 x Jack WidowFlowering: 55-60 daysHarvest: OctoberYield: 500 / […]

Chapter 7: Outdoors

Marijuana Horticulture

Chapter 7: Outdoors Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor / Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible

by Jorge Cervantes

Much of the information that pertains specifically to outdoor cultivation is in this chapter. Many of the subjects in this chapter are covered in great detail in other chapters of the book. References […]

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman marijuana

Wonder Woman

Nirvana Seed Bank

Indica 60 / Sativa 40 Origins: Ice x Top 44 Flowering: 49-63 days Harvest: early October


This all-female hybrid strain is strong yet seductive, a fast-growing skunk with a pleasing, balanced high, and a truly heroic […]

White Smurf Marijuana Strain

White Smurf marijuana

White Smurf

Ceres Seeds

Indica 50 / Sativa 50 Origins: Northern Lights x Skunk #1 x pure sativa Flowering: 45-55 days Harvest: early October


The original “Smurfweed” is a hybrid made from the Northern Lights x Skunk #1 mother and […]

Urban Poison

Urban Poison marijuana

Urban Poison

Nirvana Seeds

Sativa 60 / Indica 40Origins: Durban Poison x NLFlowering: 60 days

Don’t be frightened away by this strain’s ominous name. Urban Poison is a new indoor version of the famous Durban Posion from South Africa. The famed Durban […]

The Church

The Church Marijuana