Pit Bull Marijuana Strain

Pit Bull Marijuana

Pit Bull

Stoney Girl Gardens

Indica 80 / Sativa 20Origins: Sugar Plum x pure indicaFlowering: 30-40 days

The indica-dominant Pit Bull strain begins with a trade: som P-91 seed from the university professor who created the P-91 strain. Stoney Girl was told […]

Oregon Pinot Noir Marijuana Strain

Oregon Pinot Noir Marijuana

Oregon Pinot Noir

Stoney Girl Gardens

Sativa 80 / Indica 20Origins: Hawaiian Purple Kush x Pit BullFlowering: 38-45 days

This variety was bred among the grapes of one of the most respected Pinot Noir vineyards in Oregon. It gets its name from […]

Crippled Pit

Crippled Pit Marijuana

Crippled Pit

Stoney Girl Gardens

IndicaOrigins: Crippled Rhino x Pit BullFlowering: 35-42 days

The puzzle of the enigmatically named Crippled Pit, also known as “Crippit”, is solved when you realize that it takes one name from each of its parents. “Crippled” comes […]

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