Choosing a Marijuana Strain

Choosing a Marijuana Strain

What seed strain you should pick

There are numerous questions that arise when talking about marijuana seeds. Do you know what varieties you prefer? Or is your preference a hybrid of more than one variety? Where is the best location to grow, and which location are you actually going […]

Increasing Potency of Intact Marijuana Flowers

Cannabis Alchemy

Increasing Potency of Intact Marijuana Flowers Cannabis Alchemy

by D.Gold

The cannabis material is refluxed in the same manner as was done with the finely powdered cannabis material previously, except that when processing intact flowers the material is first placed in a cheesecloth bag. The oil is then […]

THC Acetate

Cannabis Alchemy

THC Acetate Cannabis Alchemy

by D.Gold

THC acetate has twice the potency of THC. On the Adams scale THC 7.3, while its acetate = 14.6. Furthermore, there is a 25% increase in weight after adding the acetate structure. The effect of the acetate is more spiritual and psychedelic […]

Male Potency

Cannabis Grow Bible

Male Potency The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

The male plant is not a good smoke. This however may not always be the case. Some strains have male plants that produce more THC than other males of a different strain. Sometimes the male can be stronger […]

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