Marijuana Botany - Cannabis Propagation

Marijuana Botany – Cannabis Propagation

by Robert Connell Clarke

Sexual versus Asexual Propagation

Cannabis can be propagated either sexually or asexually. Seeds are the result of sexual propagation. Because sexual propagation involves the recombination of genetic material from two parents we expect to observe variation among seedlings […]

Dangers when propagating seeds

Cannabis Grow Bible

Dangers when propagating seeds The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

Drafts are a killer and will stunt germination. Always make sure that you keep your germinating seeds away from any open windows or fans. Also make sure that the room is kept warm. A cold room […]

Chapter 3

Cannabis Grow Bible

Propagation The Cannabis Grow Bible

by Greg Green

Propagation: 1 The action of breeding or multiplying by natural processes; procreation, generation, reproduction. 2 The action of spreading an idea, practice, etc., from place to place. 3 Increase in amount or extent; enlargement; extension in space or time.


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