Ducksfoot Marijuana Strain

Ducksfoot Marijuana


Wally Duck

HybridOrigins: Ducksfoot x sativaFlowering: 60-72 daysHarvest: late October

Ducksfoot is named for its unique leaves, which have webbing between the leaflets, evoking the feet of waterfowl, rather than the fingerlike morphology of the elaves that has become one of […]

Cinderella 99 x Panama Red

Cinderella 99 x Panama Red Marijuana

Cinderella 99 x Panama Red

Wally Duck

SativaOrigins: Cinderella 99 x Panama RedFlowering: 70 daysHarvest: mid October

The name of this variety leads you right to the parentage. The mother, Panama Red, is a pure sativa strain from South America. The father, […]

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