Growing Marijuana in Rockwool

With the short description of plant physiology, we already looked into the function of water in plants. Water has three functions: it is a building material (together with CO2 and light energy, glucose is produced), it makes the plant sturdy (the plant cells […]

Twelve Week Grow Scenario

Marijuana Grow Basics

Twelve Week Grow Scenario Marijuana Grow Basics by Jorge Cervantes

Week One: First Week of Vegetative Growth

Light/dark: 18 hour day, 6 hours night

Light intensity: 400-watt lamp to 24-30 above tender plants.

Temperature: 75F day, 72F night

Humidity: 60% day, 60% night

pH: 6-6.5 pH soil, 5.5 pH hydro

Water: Keep growing medium […]

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