Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer

The Emperor Wears No Clothes

by Jack Herer

Starting in 1973, Jack Herer took the advice of his friend “Captain” Ed Adair and began compiling tidbits of information about cannabis and its numerous uses. After a dozen years of collecting and compiling historical data, Herer first published his work as The Emperor Wears No Clothes in 1985. The eleventh edition was published in November 2000, and the book continues to be cited in cannabis rescheduling and re-legalization efforts.

This is the book that started the hemp revolution. More than 600,000 copies have been sold to date. Jack wanted this information to be available to everyone, so he published the text of the book on the internet.

Jack Herer has updated his authoritative history of hemp’s myriad uses and of the war on this plant, just as it has become high-profile news, with supporters such as Woody Harrelson and Willie Nelson. Jack Herer thoroughly documents the petrochemical industry’s plot to outlaw this renewable source of paper, energy, food, textiles, and medicine.

CHAPTER 1 – Overview of the History of Cannabis Hemp

CHAPTER 2 – A Brief Summary of the Uses of Hemp

CHAPTER 3 – New Billion Dollar Crop

CHAPTER 4 – The Last Days of Legal Cannabis

CHAPTER 5 – Marijuana Prohibition

CHAPTER 6 – Medical Literature on Cannabis Medicine

CHAPTER 7 – Therapeutic Use of Cannabis

CHAPTER 8 – Cannabis Hempseed as a Basic World Food

CHAPTER 9 – Economics: Energy, Environment and Commerce

CHAPTER 10 – Myth, Magic & Medicine

CHAPTER 11 – The (Hemp) War of 1812, Napoleon & Russia

CHAPTER 12 – Cannabis Drug Use in 19th Century America

CHAPTER 13 – Prejudice: Marijuana and the Jim Crow Laws

CHAPTER 14 – More than Seventy Years of Suppression & Repression

CHAPTER 15 – The Official Story: Debunking “Gutter Science”

CHAPTER 16 – The Emperor’s New Clothes

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